5 Ways to Finding the Best Crib for Your Baby

Newborn babies up to 3 years sleep in a crib while in a separate room. This is the most ideal bed they use to be safe from falling and getting up on their own. Aside from safety, comfort is pretty much needed. If this is your first time to buy a crib for baby, always look for the best. Let’s learn some quick tips on how to find the best crib your baby can use.


Estimate the Dimension

Babies move around from left to right so there must be enough space in their crib. Your baby may be bigger than a normal size so a larger crib is needed. But even if your child is sort of petite the crib must still be big to make it useable for a very long time – yes, even when he or she grows and becomes fatter.


Choose a Crib with an Adjustable Height

The crib should be flexible in a way that you can lower or raise the height. This makes it easier for you to get your baby out of the crib. And this can be very helpful in the long run, too. Once your child grows bigger, it won’t be easy for him or her to climb and find a way out.

Consider Sturdiness

The material should be of high quality. Babies tend to play while in their crib where they can hold onto it like trying to pull or push them. This can easily break it so better go for something sturdy but not too hard that makes head hurt when bumped. If possible, cover the crib, even just the interior part, with something soft to avoid hitting.

Check the Mattress

Apart from the crib, the mattress should be picked thoroughly as well. It must be soft, but not too much, durable, and thick. Your baby must sleep comfortably in it without getting his or her body ache hours after. Likewise, choose pillows that are cozy to add more comfort to your baby’s nap time.

Compare Prices and Brands

While material is the most important to consider, do not forget to check the brand of the product as well. It must be made from a manufacturing brand with great reputation for years. This assures or guarantees a very durable product. It must also have passed the standard safety measure required for all cribs. Lastly, differentiate the cost of each item you choose to be able to get the best crib.

Once you have chosen the best crib and got it delivered home, be sure to put in a perfect spot. It needs to be placed in a corner but away from the window, drapes, door, cords, electrical outlets, and other stuff that may cause danger.

You should remember these points when you go buy a new piece of furniture with the desire to have the best crib for infants and toddlers. By doing so, you ensure the safety and comfort for your baby.