When to Replace Your Mattress

Mattress is what makes the bed complete. This is the item that provides comfort during sleep and short-time rest. Its everday use can be subject to wear and tear eventually of course. That said, there’s a time in which your bed mattress must be replaced. For experts, they recommend to get a new mattress and replace the old one after 7 years or so.


Comfort Level

Your comfort is greatly affected once the mattress starts to deteriorate. It’s not the same comfort level when you first bought it if you’re still relying on it after a decade. The layers of the foam will shrink as time passes by. The fiber will become thinned and initially contract. Therefore, the comfort you need won’t be satisfying anymore. Once you feel this kind of deterioration, the best solution is replacement.

Mattress replacement timeImage Source: dreams

Back Support

A good mattress depicts a satisfying support for your back. It helps relax your body muscles. If it has started sagging, there’s more room for your body to absorb pain. You’ll likely end up waking with some back aches and shoulder pain. It’s not because you over sleep or too tired. It’s simply due to the lack of support from the mattress.

Better Sleep

There’s something about newly bought furniture piece that helps you sleep a lot better. It’s the fresh quality of the product that allows you to feel more comfortable and easily fall asleep. If you are having some difficulty in sleeping at night, maybe it’s the mattress to blame.

New is Cleaner

Bed and mattress are type of furniture items that aren’t really maintained on a regular basis. You simply cover with sheet and replace after a couple of days to a week. But the long it stays there the better chance for bedbugs, dust, and other particles to accumulate it. This makes your bed unclean. If you have a new mattress, it’s definitely fresher and cleaner.

One other reason to replace mattress is if you change the whole bed. Perhaps, you need to upgrade it from single to double size bed or queen to king size. Any change in size demands the replacement of mattress too.

It’s important to know when to replace your old mattress with a new one. You gain nothing but the advantages of better sleep and more comfort. Besides, it won’t do any harm to spend some money for this if you only get to change it after 7 to 10 years.