Different Types of Chairs and Couches for Furniture Buyers

Have you ever thought that types of chairs can be obvious? The only problem perhaps is naming them to make differences. Well, this kind of furniture isn’t only based on styles, materials, and sizes. There are actually designated names for each of them. You may be even surprised that there are like more than 50 of them. But let’s just mention some of the commonly used to people.


1. Carver Chair

From the dining to the porch, this type of chair is very popular. As its name suggests, small pieces are carved and attach together to create a single furniture item. It can be plain wooden chair or padded for some comfort.

Arm Chair

2. Arm Chair

Sometimes, this can be identified as club chair. It’s upholstered and cushy that really features arms on both sides.

3. Club Chair

This kind of chair is similar to arm chair. However, it is bulky and has removable cushion. It’s more formal that can be used in an office aside from home living room.

4. Slipper Chair

For a fully upholstered chair without arms, slipper chair is the term of it. It has low-height feet. Both children and adults can find this a great seat.

5. Wing Chair

This is among the exclusive types of chairs. It’s Victorian or maybe Elizabethan inspired kind of chair. It has arms but not full length, while the shape can be architectural. It’s really a cool, modern kind of furniture for sitting.

6. Chair and a Half

For a big couch, this type of chair is what you need. It can fill your small family as you comfortably watch a TV show together. It’s also considered a loveseat for couples. This can be used not only in the living room and home theater room, but also in a bedroom.

7. Chaise Lounge

This is more of a couch but one of the most sophisticated types of chairs. You can sit and lie on it. Legs can be stretched that makes it even more comfortable to use. Designs can be antique, classic, or modern. It’s fully upholstered and cushioned.

These seven types of chairs are among the favorite and most commonly used furniture for sitting these days. In terms of getting relaxed, this is the furniture you need to have. For work or studies, one of them can be also the right chair. What’s important is that you find comfort upon their use.