The Disadvantages of Buying Furniture from Yard or Garage Sale

Knowing the different disadvantages of buying furniture is not to purely discourage you from trying to spend less and save money. It’s more of helping you decide whether this is a great option or not. It’s possible that buying used furniture may only give you more headaches than what’s expected.


Disadvantage 1: Scratches and Damages

Sure, it’s always cheap to buy secondhand furniture pieces. There’s no denial that you can save half of the original price of a brand new furniture item. But don’t expect them to be free of damage or scratch. You’re lucky if there’s no damage at all. Most of the time, there’s at least one scratch you can find. It’s a waste of money if the damage is great that you have to spend more money in getting it fixed.

Buying furniture through garage sales

Disadvantage 2: Limited Options

Garage sale is often an opportunity to get what you may want and not need. You are probably looking for a particular type of furniture but if you opt for this kind of sale, there’s a low chance for you to find it. There may be only 1 single dining table if that’s what you’re looking for. Worse is that there are other people who may looking for the same item. At the end, you’re just going to waste your time for nothing. If you really intend to get something you need, buying furniture through garage sales may not be the best option.

Disadvantage 3: Uncomfortable Setting

Unlike furniture shops, garage sale is held outside the owner’s house. It may be a day wherein the weather is too hot, chilly, or rainy. There’s no comfort in looking for furniture. This is probably easy to handle but still one of the expected disadvantages of buying furniture from a yard sale.

Disadvantage 4: Fixed Price

You may find yourself bargaining for a much cheaper price. In a garage sale, there’s only one price for every item as it’s been lowered to its original price. It’s not likely that you can negotiate with the seller unless you have a great reason for him to cut a few more dollars.

You may still encourage yourself to try opting for secondhand furniture pieces. But the disadvantages of buying furniture as mentioned here should serve as a warning. It means don’t expect too much to get what you need or want through garage or yard sale. If in case there’s nothing you can get from this option, the best thing to do is go for a brand new piece.