5 Easy Ways to Clean and Maintain Your Dining Glass Table

Having a dining glass table can update the room for a fancier way to eat your foods. This kind of table is elegant that helps transform a dull interior to a more striking one. If you are planning to get a new piece of furniture for your dining room, a glass table should be a great pick.


The only downside of dining glass table is that it’s not that easy to maintain when compared to other materials. However, once you manage to clean it right and regularly, there’s a high chance of keeping it durable and useful for many years. On that note, here are ways on how to clean and maintain this type of furniture.

1. Wipe the Table after every Meal

Whether it’s an early breakfast alone or a typical family dinner, don’t leave this table with stain and mess on it. No matter how obvious or small the stain is, you must clean the table right after eating. It’s also important that you wipe the table with a dry cloth first before a wet one then another dry. It must be a routine to do this after every meal.

2. Clean every Inch of the Table

The dining glass table can be round or, short or long. Either way, you must clear everything off the table before cleaning. This makes it easier for you to have every inch of it cleaned.

3. Spray with Water

Glass is better cleaned with water. It’s how you can remove stains, spills, and other streaks. It’s also a great idea if you use hot water, but not too hot.

4. Try Chemicals or Vinegar

If water doesn’t seem to work in removing stain and streaks, the use of chemically formulated cleaner can be a good alternative. For an environmentally friendly option, a spray of vinegar mixed with water is a nice choice.


5. Don’t Put Heavy Dishware on the Table

Unless it’s usable at the moment, leave anything off the table. This helps avoid cracks on the glass of the table. As much as possible, use only plastic ware during your regular meals so in case of a drop it won’t damage the dining glass table.

6. Prohibit Kids from Playing on the Table

The dining glass table is made for food eating. So have your children play anywhere except on the table. You know how kids are sometimes. They can play or do something that can do damage. This helps protect your furniture from getting damaged. Also, it can prevent them from any potential harm.

It’s important that you do this on a regular basis. It means you have to clean even if you haven’t eaten, like during you general home cleaning. This is the best way to keep the sparkling effect on your dining glass table, and to make sure it’ clean all the time of course. So if you want that result, keep those cleaning tips mentioned in your mind and follow them.