The Disadvantages of Buying Furniture Online

Buying furniture online seems fun and easy. You just sit down in front of your desktop of your computer, browse through pages and sites of available furniture, and order in a click of a button! It is that easy but doesn’t guarantee quality or satisfaction once you get the product. And if you have some doubts or second thoughts whether to buy some furniture online or not, pay attention to these details.


1. More Expensive

Shipping furniture items can cost you a lot more. You won’t only need to pay for the price of the product itself, but also the shipping charge. Unless you’re lucky to find one that offers free shipping, online buying of furniture is not cheaper.

2. Hidden Charges

Some furniture shopping sites may not show all charges upon your checkout. This will leave you no choice but to pay for any extra fees that are demanded when the furniture is delivered to your place. This is also one drawback of buying furniture online that most, especially beginners, don’t know.

3. Edited Images

It’s very important that you clearly see what you will choose and buy. When ordering items on the Internet, photos are usually included for preview. You have to zoom in for a closer look too. While enough photos are helpful, not all furniture pieces come out as they appear on the computer screen. They can be ‘Photoshopped’, filtered, and edited to look perfect. That’s a strategy to market products and items in businesses, but for consumers it’s something they need to be cautious of.

Furniture Online

4. Incomplete Product Description

Another content that every online buyer must take a look at is the description of the product or item. When buying furniture online, the details you need to know may not be enough. It’s basic to find out the kind of material, exact dimension, and other important factors of furniture. But not all sites or product page may give you that information.

5. Unguaranteed Quality

In some cases, furniture that you buy online may be delivered with a little scratch or minor damage due to the long route from the manufacturing company to your home address, negligence, accident, or other reasons. While you may charge the people who are responsible for the damage, it’s still a waste of time and money. The processing of returning items can cost some days even, so you need to have patience to wait for that. Worse that can happen is if the furniture you buy isn’t actually made of high quality materials. That implies that it won’t be useful for a long term.

It takes double cautious when buying furniture online. You don’t get to see the item firsthand before you can place your order. The only time you see its real appearance and estimate the quality is when it’s delivered to you. But that won’t be a selection process anymore after you have paid for it. Therefore, have a great way to judge and select furniture pieces if you like to order on the Internet.