Finding Cheap Furniture Under $500

Saving money is essential every time you buy, and this also applies in getting a new set or a piece of cheap furniture. That said, here are some ways on how you can find furniture under $500 – yes you can get some that low.


1. Secondhand Furniture

Garage sales, yard sales, and thrift stores are the most ideal places where you can find used furniture pieces. They may have been used for a few to several years but they can still be improved and utilized for your own benefit. Just a fix on the scratch or damage won’t add much to the total cost. You can definitely still spend less and save more with this option.

2. Thorough Internet Search

If you still prefer a brand new piece of furniture under $500, don’t worry there are lots of choices for that too. All you need is time and patience because finding the right one based on your budget can take more than just sitting on your desk for a couple of minutes. Once you find a great one, it would be worth it.

3. Clearance and Holiday Sales

Many cheap furniture pieces are offered during sales. It may be a Black Friday, clearance sale, back-to-school sale, or summer-end sale. You may need to wait for that moment so you can spend less money.

Cheap Furniture

Additional Tips:

It’s important that you buy only for what you need and not for what you want. This helps in reducing the amount of money you can spend. Perhaps, you can get one lower than $500. Unless it’s damaged and not fixable, don’t buy enough furniture.

Another consideration is to sell your old stuff. If it’s for replacement, the more money to be able to save.

Not all cheap furniture items that you can find are worth buying. You can get either a literally cheap piece of furniture or a very affordable but high quality one. For sure, you prefer the latter, and that’s what you must keep in mind. Be very careful in selecting furniture under $500.

As you try to find cheap furniture, have fun picking to make this process more enjoyable and free from stress. Shopping furniture shouldn’t give you headache or worries. Nonetheless, you have some reminders already, just apply them when you start looking for a new or secondhand furniture pice.