5 Cool Bedroom Ideas for Kids

There is artistry when you think of children’s bedroom. The walls cannot just be painted in one color with the same shade in furniture and stuff. It has to be colorful and lively. Other than that, it must be organized and unique. For some cool ideas, here are suggestions you may want to incorporate to your kid’s new bedroom.


1. Choose a Theme-Free Room

While most bedrooms for kids are designed with one theme, it is still a great choice to make it general. The tendency of having a theme is that you place every piece of stuffs in there to be matched with it. There may be presents from friends and relatives that are total opposite of the room’s theme.

It is best to choose plain colors that must be appropriate to the gender and age of your child. If it is a girl, then choose lighter colors, such as pink, yellow, and lime green. For boys, the most appropriate colors are blue, dark green, and brown.

You can add any piece of art if the room is theme free too. Choose a good large picture that you can cut into sections with the same dimension, and put them each in frames. This can add a striking décor inside your child’s room.

2. Use Interesting and Creative Storage

The room of your boy or girl may be limited in space, especially if they are still toddlers. That means you must only use a single or a few storage. There are compact storage pieces you can find these days. You can find a bed and storage in one, such as with a bottom part as a drawer where you can put some of foldable clothes and toys. The door of a closet can also be used to store tiny items, such as reminders in post-it pads, hair accessories, and school supplies.

If your child is a girl, you can put colorful ribbons that you can tie around the knobs to make the cabinet look more creative. If a boy, you can hang small pictures of his favorite athlete, type of car, or different balls tied in a string.

3. Invest in Durable Furniture

Kids can jump in their beds, run over the table, or drag the drawer and door cabinet when opening. Such instances can easily break furniture. That’s why purchase sturdier ones so they can be useful for many years until they become teens.

Bedroom Ideas for Kidssmallkidsroom

4. Make the Room Play-Friendly

Safety must be also considered when designing or redecorating your child’s room. The walls and flooring must be covered in soft, rubbery materials. You cannot just let concrete painted to beautify the whole room. It must be also safe in case their heads bang on the walls or on the floor. You expect kids to play in their own bedroom, too, especially if they have their siblings in the same area.

5. Keep it Safe

Other than the walls and floor, think of some stuff that may be lockable, hard, and sharp. You have to stay away from those things as they can impose danger to your kids. Everything else must be soft and not pointed. You may even have to use durable plastic glass on windows and not 100% glass.

These ideas are simple that do not only indicate the overall appearance of the room, but also some cautions to keep in mind. As parents, you must provide the best and safe room for your own kids. This project does not have to be costly as well, as you can use many things that are cheap. Try to recycle and reuse materials when necessary.