7 Reminders When Selling Old Furniture

So, you have decided to sell some of your old or used furniture. Before you advertise and start selling, here are tips and reminders to follow.


1. Clean the Furniture

First, begin assessing your furniture. Is it really worth selling for? Can others find it very useful still? You need to make sure the furniture you want to sell is still usable. Otherwise, no one is going to have the interest to buy it. One secret to make it look new is to clean it. You need to vacuum it in order to clear hair, dust, and any debris, and to remove stain.

2. Check its Value

Furniture can be vintage or not depending on the material and years of using it. If it is considered as vintage, you can certainly sell it at a higher price. But keep in mind that most buyers of used furniture are those who do not want to spend more money in shopping at a local furniture shop. You can only have a high chance of selling vintage furniture if you target antique collectors.

3. Price It

After assessing its worth, you can then come up with the cost. As much as possible, the price should be affordable to buyers. For once, you pretend to be a buyer of old furniture. How much can you afford to get one if you were the shopper?

4. Advertise It

If your furniture is ready for sale, it is time to advertise it. It is much easier to sell it in your own garage or front yard. You may have one of your neighbors who are looking for one. This is a fun part as you can go out int eh street to give out leaflets or post anywhere accepted.

5. Sell Online

Other than garage sale, you can sell your furniture via online as well. There is the Craigslist, eBay, and other websites where you can post and sell items. This is another great idea to quickly sell your stuff.

Selling Old Furniture

6. Take Pictures

If you prefer selling your furniture on the Internet, ensure to have photos that interested buyers can see. They need to have a visual of what the furniture looks like. Every picture you post must be clear, so better use a good camera for this.

7. Add Description

You also need to provide a short description of the furniture you are selling on the net. Buyers online usually look for details of the items they want to purchase. You make sure to give complete information of your furniture. Be honest if there is a bit damage or scratch that is fixable. Important details to include are the size, material, brand, and years of usage.

Selling furniture should not be a difficult thing to do. You follow the tips suggested here and it won’t be a problem at all. You need to make certain that you are able to sell it within that day you schedule. But even if it takes days, do not be discouraged, because there will be someone who will have the interest to get it.