How to Make Your Own Closet

Do you need a new closet and want to save money at the same time? Are you interested to learn how to make a DIY closet? Either way, this is the page that can provide you essential information regarding how to build a closet.


How to Make Your Own Closet

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1. Have Necessary Tools and Materials

This is a DIY project so you prepare all the materials and tools needed. You pretty much need a lot of things. For the tools, you need a tape measure, screwdrivers (different sizes), drill (preferably cordless), circular saw, hacksaw, jigsaw, tube cutter, level, and bolt cutter. Other materials to have are wood boards and plywood, screw-in wall anchors, spackle, and wood putty.

2. Know what to Put in the Closet

You have to determine how many stuff you need to store in a closet. Do you need to put clothes that can be hanged, folded, or both? It is a brilliant idea if you have a part where to hang clothes, one side for the folded clothes, another for extra stuff, such as shoes, bags, and accessories.

3. Check Out Structural Designs

It is also nice to look for photos of closets that you can get samples from. It provides you ideas of what you can make. It is probably your first time to do so, but to make things much easier, then it is suggested that you get ideas. You can have hundreds of choices or ideas to see online, and on magazines.

4. Determine the Measurements

How long, wide, and high the closet you want to build? There are standard measurements you may follow. But if you are tight in space, you can adjust that a smaller size. If you prefer a much bigger or wider one, then make the adjustment yourself. The key here is to get the size of the room or the corner where you intend to install the closet.

5. Pick Rods with the Same Size

Rods have to be at the same length and height. These are where you hang clothes. You should have medium rod, long rod, and double-hand rod. Make sure every rod is durable and secured. You may need to add support bracket just to keep them sturdy.

6. Have a Partner

You do need an assistant in building a closet. Someone has to hold something as you put on a screw or drill a hole. Doing it alone is not recommended because this project is extensive and requires more than a pair of hands.

7. Cut Boards

Shelves, doors, base, and others are parts that are necessary to form a closet should be cut perfectly based on the sizes you want. You basically have to start cutting wood boards to be able to make the furniture you need to build.

8. Paint Boards

This may be optional because wood boards have their unique natural patterns that make look beautiful. If you choose this, it is best to laminate each board, which makes the material becomes more durable. It is not also a bad idea if you paint it with any color that you prefer. Just ensure it is not a color that is dull or too bright that can be distractive to the sight. It should also match to the overall design of the room’s interior.

9. Attach Boards

After cutting, you drill holes, nail, and glue up boards together. This is a critical part because you do not want to install pieces that do not fit or in improper way. The goal here is to be able to make a cabinet that would be able to store clothes and be useful for many, long years. That also implies that you need to ensure all pieces joined together are sturdy and secured. After assembling each and every part, it is ready to use for storing clothes and other personal stuff.

There are a few reasons in creating a closet on your own. You basically save more money and do something that you personally want. It is not a difficult job at all, even if you do not have any background in building furniture, specifically cabinets and closets. Anyhow, you only have to follow the right procedure to create the closet you want to install in your room.