10 Most Shopped Furniture in 2013

A comfortable house is not completed without some furniture pieces. The question is what are the furniture items that are usually seen and used at home? Can you name some that you can identify? Perhaps, you could guess the 10 most popularly bought in this year’s 2013. Well, here is the list starting at number ten.


10. Outdoor Furniture Set

Many homeowners have patios, garden, and pools. These areas can become a lot more beautiful for hangout when there are furniture pieces. You can set up a table with matching chairs made of wood or metal with cushions for comfort.

9. Bookshelves

A wide, long cabinet for books is another furniture piece that is seen in homes these days. Not all can be a bookworm but admit it that many of your family members do have books and magazines. This is among the popular furniture items as many people still use soft and hard bound books.

8. Drawers

A set of drawers are good storage of a lot of things. From toys to foldable clothes, a drawer is very much needed in a house. This is a type of furniture that is really useful at any parts of your home.

7. Wardrobe

Like drawers, a wardrobe is one other useful furniture. It is functional particularly for clothes and shoes. Users simply hang clothes from casual to formal attire and keep them clean in this furniture.

6. Armchair

Fathers and grandfathers are usually among the people who like to sit in this kind of chair. Many houses have home offices, and this chair is mostly used. It can provide relaxation regardless of how busy and long the day is.

5. Desk

A desk is essential to place study materials, work documents, computers, displays, and other home stuff. It is needed just like chairs. In fact, chairs usually come with a matching desk table. You can find it useful in the living room, the study or office room, and the bedroom.

4. Coffee Table

Coffee tables are much different than desks. This type of furniture is basically lower and mostly used in a living room. Sometimes, it is also seen in a corner where the telephone is placed. It can be also used in a bedroom as a desk or additional table to place other personal things.

3. Dining Furniture Set

Tables and chairs in the dining area are always expected. It is the type of furniture that is among the most popularly shopped year after year. You can never see a home without any dining furniture at all.

2. Bed

The bed is always a good place to rest on whenever you are tired and exhausted. It is also prone to breakage as the foam can easily tear. That makes it top 2 in the list of mostly bought furniture pieces.

Shopped Furniture

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1. Sofa or Couch

The most shopped furniture is none other than the sofa. This is where you can sit and relax for a bit as you watch some TV show. It is also how you can make your guests feel comfortable.