Make DIY Wood Pallet Furniture

Furniture that is made out of used materials is always a good choice. It is a way to recycle things that can provide you other essential benefits. One of the recyclable materials that you can use to create furniture is wood pallet. This is usually dumped anywhere and ignored by most people. If you have the habit to recycle or reuse, make your own wood pallet furniture.


Before you learn some suggestions in making furniture, there are valuable things that you must first know. These can help you save yourself from trouble that may possibly occur.

Tip 1: Collect Pallets with Consent

You may see a lot of wood pallets scattered around your neighborhood. They may have been just there all these times. That should be easy to get, isn’t it? But slow down, as you do not just have to get them whenever you want to. You need to ask permission from the owner and see if you can get them for free. Some may want to sell them, or others do not want to just give it away. You do not want to be sued for robbing your neighbor’s wood materials. That is not just embarrassing, but also legally inappropriate.

Tip 2: Determine the Usable Pallets

Not all wood pallets can be recycled or re-used. There are some that may be too fragile or too old to use as stands for a chair or a table. You need to keep an eye on the materials that are more suitable for re-use. You can easily determine the good ones by knowing the weight, overall appearance, and smell. If pallets are stained, greasy, and wet, they are not good to use. The durability has already subsided in that case. In addition, if you smell something from it that is not normal, it is best to get rid of it. In terms of weight, light ones are pretty much better to use.

Tip 3: Wear Safety Gears

You are not going to construct a house or a building, just furniture. But this does not mean that you must not wear any protection at all. If you are going to collect used wood pallets, be sure to wear a pair of thick gloves. There will be some with nails still intact. Others are not easily noticed and this can trick you. But if you have a safety gear on, you’d be far from encountering accident. Also, some may cause infection because of the presence of bacteria and germs, especially if you have a fresh injury around your arms or legs. Just ensure you are safe from these harms when searching for materials.

Wood Pallet Furniture

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Tip 4: Clean Up Materials

Assuming they are well inspected and found out very suitable for furniture construction, the next thing you need to do is to prepare them. You have to clean them and remove every inch of dust or dirt. You won’t only use these materials for something you can do out of hobby or interest. You are transforming them into other useful things that you can get benefit from.

Here are project ideas that you can build from reusable wood pallets.

Project 1: Picnic Table

Pallets are perfect to use to create a picnic table. You can setup a table at your backyard for some barbecue time with your friends on the weekend, or just an ordinary afternoon with your own family. Depending on the number and length of materials you have, you can build a fixed, long table, or a short, foldable one.

Project 2: Swing Seat

Another outdoor furniture that you can make out of wood pallets is a swing seat. Build a pile that can make two or three people sit together on it and hang on a sturdy chain to the roof. This will be a great seat on your front porch as you view your neighborhood street, or hang on a tree at the backyard facing the lovely lake or postcard-like mountains from a distance. Add a cushion on it to make it more comfortable to use.

Project 3: Pool Lounge

If you have a pool, a lounge chair-bed is a nice furniture piece to make from this recyclable material, too. You just nail each board and have your own relaxation afterwards.

Project 4: Coffee Table

A round or rectangle shaped table in the living room is another piece that you can create. This is best displayed and used if it is coated with a paint color that matches your interior design. You can add storage at the bottom to place your magazines, books, and other stuff that may need to be organized.

With wood pallets, there are many things that you can do with them. You can save money as you do not have to spend time and cash looking for extra furniture you can use at home.