What are the Common Outdoor Furniture Items

Are you looking for the types of furniture that you can set up in your front porch or backyard? Well, the selection can be very wide, but the only thing that you need to consider when buying outdoor furniture is the durability of the furniture. You also include the price and the right kind of materials used.


When it comes to materials you can find different kinds, such as plastic, metal, and wood. There are home owners who prefer to use wood, while others like metal or plastic for a variety of reasons. Anyhow, the materials have their own pros and cons. Plastic-made furniture is prone to rain and sun exposure, which makes them easy to damage. Metal can easily rust, too. But wood furniture is more ideal for outdoor setting, because it can last for many years. So, when it comes to outdoor furniture, it is better that you choose wood material. Here are some of the common outdoor furniture items that you can pick to decorate and provide more comfort outside your house.

Outdoor Furniture Items

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1. Chairs

It is a fact that plastic and metal chairs are not suitable to use outside. That’s because they can easily break due to sunlight and rain exposure. So, it is proper to choose a wood type in chairs. They make it more appropriate and flexible. Chairs can be made up of many different types of woods, which include teak, acacia, and merbau. Chairs that made up of merbau and teak are very durable because they have natural oil that can stay longer and make the furniture sturdier. That also helps the furniture protected from splitting and cracks.

2. Tables

Tables are made up of many styles and designs. But like chairs, be sure to choose a wood table that is more typical to use for outdoor setting. Furthermore, select the type of shape, as there are extension tables, rounded tables, square tables, and picnic tables, which can be foldable or non-foldable. The size can be also big or small.

3. Bench

Bench is a type of chair but this does not accommodate one person only, but two or more. Be sure to know the number of your family before buying one. Moreover, this furniture is made of a combination of metal and wood, or plain wood. There are also plastic made, but it’s not that ideal. Like the rest of furniture, you can find a small or large bench. This is suitable if you have a playground outside or a pool.

4. Pool Lounge

Pool lounge can be also made up of plastic, metal, or wood. Most hotels and resorts prefer to use metal and plastic pool lounge instead of wood. That is because it is placed near the pool or water. If it is made of wood, it makes the furniture more vulnerable to breakage or damage when it gets soaked with water. Perhaps, you must do the same if you want to use a pool lounge for a much longer period of time.

5. Couch

It is common nowadays to use couches at the backyard, especially near the pool or overlooking the water. This can be made of various materials, but surely create a cozy feeling to whoever sits on it.

These outdoor furniture items for home use are certainly practical. They can fit to any types of home, as long as the design matches the overall style of the exterior of the house. That being said, be sure to choose the right type of material to ensure its durability and quality.