Design Your Own Bathroom Cabinets

For a DIY set of cabinets in the bathroom, this is the page you need to read.


How to Choose a Design

1. Select a particular design.

Designs of bathroom cabinets are plenty. Be sure that the design that you choose is the right one for your bathroom. This means it has to correspond with the overall design and color in the room. This is your first step in making bathroom cabinets.

2. Know the size of cabinets to install.

Get a tape measure, a sheet of paper and pencil to measure the length that you want for your cabinet. Determine the length, height, depth, and width. Most vanity cabinets are measured 30 inches high from the floor, and 22 inches deep including the top. For wall cabinets, the average size is 24 inches in height and 12 inches deep.

3. Draw the cabinets.

Once you get all the important details of the measurement, it is time to sketch a graph on a paper. Be sure to have 12-inch ruler as this tool is very helpful in lining every corner of the drawing.

Bathroom Cabinet

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4. List all parts of the cabinet.

Do not also forget to take down notes of the different parts of a cabinet. These include the door knob, nails, and bolts. You can find different styles of cabinet doors or knobs. You can also make one for each cabinet if you can or know how to do it. Making your own cabinets doors can help lessen the amount of your expenses.

5. Select a Wood Material

Most of the time cabinets are made up of solid wood, especially the doors, while the remaining parts are usually common plywood. Like other furniture, you can select a durable and high quality wood material.

How to Build a Bathroom Cabinet

1. Gather tools and materials.

Before you begin making a set of bathroom cabinets, make sure all tools are ready. It will be frustrating to start building if you do not have complete materials.

2. Drill and glue up.

With all of your materials ready, start at the end panels and in the shelving. Use nails in making drill holes, then apply putty on every hole that you make. Then, put on glue between the ends of shelves and panels.

3. Assemble the pieces.

Put the 1/4-inch plywood back to the cabinets using tomb-tacks instead of nails. Add small glue at the edges of the shelves. This will make the bathroom cabinets more durable and stronger.

Then, you can layout the cabinet door. The front door should be 1/2-inch wide. This can help create the bathroom more beautiful and amazing fit.

Make holes on the front cabinet then add glue on the front end. Remember that every end with holes that makes contact on the cabinet itself.

Overlay the doors then measure the opening, most particularly the height and the width. Afterwards, make 3/4-inch on both directions.

Repeat the process until every piece is assembled.

The main priorities that you need to consider when it comes to making bathroom cabinets is bathroom space or measurements, and design. Remember that the measurement is an important facet. Then, the design of the cabinets that you want to install in your bathroom has also the same significance. Take note that you have plenty to choose from, and they can be as providing a little headache. With that said, take your time in choosing parts that you need to use in building cabinets for your bathroom.

Bathroom cabinets are not that difficult to build after all. You just have to be familiar with the steps, and strictly follow them.