How to Make Small Square Headboards

If you are tired of buying the traditional headboards that you see in furniture stores, a DIY option would be nice. This is also a less expensive choice and probably that’s one reason why you want to create headboards for your bedroom. Well, here are tips on how you can do it during your free time.


Get Canvases or Wood Boards

Buy canvasses or plywood of any dimension, but preferably 24 x 24 sizes. You only need six or eight pieces, depending on how wide the wall is where you place the headboard above your bed.

Gather Other Materials

Other than the board, you also need to have some tools and materials. You need cotton or foam, a pair of scissors, large stapler, threads and needle, and fabric. Because the fabric material is the last piece that either makes beautiful or unimpressive result. That’s why choose a stylish fabric for the cover. Anyhow, each and every material can make you start and complete the process of your DIY headboards.

Place Foam or Cotton on the Board

Whether you use cotton or foam, the first thing you have to do is to place it on the board. You may or may not glue it with a glue gun, depending on what you prefer. This just makes it easier to cover and sew the headboard. Another thing to keep in mind when putting on the material is to create a thin and flat surface. It must not be too thick or bulky in a sense that it won’t appear good if your mount them on the walls.

Start Sewing

When the soft piece is properly placed, it’s time to cover it with the fabric you choose. You need to be more careful and accurate when you do this step. Regardless, the stitches won’t be visible upon display as the back is the part where you set the fabric. It helps if you staple it first so you can arrange the fabric.

Attach Wires and Hooks

The back of each and every board must have a wire attached on it. The walls must also have something placed on it for hooking the wire. This is how you are able to mount the headboards on the wall.

Hang on the Wall

After stitching and placing hooks, you are now ready to hang them on the wall just above your bed. But this is also a bit crucial step because you need to align the board from one to another, unless they are arranged in diagonal line. You may even need assistance to hand those boards.

This is a fun thing to do that provides a useful outcome. If you want to save some cash and do a little thing that makes you feel proud, creating small square headboards is your best option. You can definitely agree that this is going to be worth spending time for. The headboard you make is going to add coziness, unique style and elegance to your bedroom.