A Day to Move with Furniture

Moving involves good and bad news. The good news is that you go to a new place, which is normally exciting. The bad news is that moving is a serious, stressful matter. But worry not, as you just have to learn the right ways to move.


What really makes things more difficult are the heavy stuff, and by which refer to furniture. Sometimes, you cannot just carry and move them on your own. That’s when you know for sure that a company is a big help. If you think moving with your furniture is quite that hard, here are some essential tips that you should do.

Sketch a Plan

It is always essential to study the whole circumstance first before starting your move. You need to find out what furniture must be moved out from the old place and which ones are transferred into the new house. Usually, the bigger and bulker the furniture is the first to put into the truck. That is why it is best to plan it out. And when you plan, make sure that it must be started a couple of weeks before the scheduled moving day.

Get Help from Relatives or Friends

Do you have small children or are you living alone? Perhaps, that would be a case to call for a few of your friends, relatives or neighbors to help you in moving. Remember that moving furniture needs lots of effort and strength. It can slow down your time, too, and that’s not good. If there are more heads, the better and more productive to remove furniture out, place in the moving truck, and transfer in the new place.

Use a Hand Truck

A hand truck is a very helpful equipment nowadays. It can help make your moving process much easier and faster. You can put any furniture, including boxed, that fit into the hand truck and just push or pull to move in hardwood floors, tiles and other kinds of surfaces. Plus, this is a great way to avoid scratches and tears on the flooring.

Cover with Blankets or Rugs

You also have to protect your furniture during moving. They cannot fit into boxes, unless they are not that large and can fit into one of the XL boxes. So, what you do best is to cover them with rugs or blankets to avoid scratching them and to keep them off from dust.

Hire a Moving Truck

If you have a truck that fits all of your furniture, there is no need to rent one. However, if you only own a sedan car, then you must not think twice of getting a truck for moving. In fact, you can get help from their team of movers who can carry and transfer your furniture, as well as other belongings, from one place to another.

Get Up Early

You know that the next morning is the big day to move. Be sure that you have packed and settled everything some hours before you go to sleep. That way you have enough time to sleep and re-gain energy, which you would need for the next day. It is also how you can get up early, as moving to one place requires some time, especially if the new house is some miles away.

Place Furniture Where They Belong

When you reach your destination, it would be much better to put each and every furniture piece into the room where they have to be placed. You can just leave them right there without arranging and just do the proper positions afterwards. But while you still have some people with you to help you place them in the right rooms, then grab that opportunity.

In moving with furniture, you should stop worrying about the hassle, scratches on the floor, and other things that can add stress on the day. By simply following the tips and suggestions above, there is a greater chance of experiencing less stress, which is what you must try aiming on the day you move. Remember that you should be excited and happy to move, and this is one way to divert the worries or stresses you may have during your move.