Three Common Materials in Furniture

Furniture, especially if they are new, can enhance the appearance of your house. If you are trying to buy a new set of furniture, there are many tips that you need to consider. You have to check the prices which differ depending on the size, type, quality and brand of the furniture.


Regardless of what you need to get, you can always find a furniture piece or set that is ideal to your budget and home needs. When it comes to quality, the material is an important aspect to examine. If you buy high quality furniture in an affordable price, you are assured of durability and long usage. Speaking which, we’ll learn the most common materials used in manufacturing furniture. These are wood, metallic and plastic materials.

1. Wood

Wood is an excellent material to use in making furniture, such as beds, chairs, cabinets and tables. This is a high quality material that can really last for many years. If you have wooden furniture before, you probably agree that it is one of the longest or oldest items you have in your house.

Any furniture made of wood is very expensive and not as eco friendly as most people think. It may be not toxic as metal furniture, but the material itself is from trees. Anyway, because wood furniture is very durable that lasts for many years, this type makes it on the high price list. Overall, it is a good type of furniture that you can use at home.

2. Metal

This is the second expensive material for furniture items. If you go out and visit furniture shops, you would see lots of many choices of metallic furniture. This will surely give you some options and probably make you feel a little headache

From tables to chairs and cabinets to beds, you will get them in various prices, too. Although metallic furniture is a good sight in your house, they are prone to rust and corrosion. This makes the furniture easy to break. It is not durable also, which means it won’t last that long.

Furthermore, metallic furniture is somewhat light in weight compared to wood furniture. You can absolutely move your furniture in any place without help from someone.

3. Plastic Material

What makes this furniture great is that you can use it anywhere from indoor to outdoor. Plastic furniture is lightweight, easily transferred and carried from one place to another. This is available in many colors, styles and designs, so you won’t have problem choosing the perfect one you need. Also, it is not expensive compared to the other two materials, wood and metal. The downside is that a plastic material is breakable, and its color usually fades in a short period of time.

These three materials are your choices of furniture when buying a new one. You just have to weigh in the choices by comparing the prices, advantages and disadvantages. It should not be that daunting to choose whatever you need to have in your house.