The Pros and Cons of Plastic Furniture

Furniture that is made of plastic materials is not quite common in many homes and commercial establishments. Although not as famous as wood furniture, plastic made furniture can be useful. It is made up of various types of plastic materials, such as polypropylene, PVC and polymers.


As of these days, you will find many plastic furniture items that are available in many kinds from shapes to sizes and colors to weights. There are home owners today who prefer to use plastic furniture than because it is durable, very affordable and requires less maintenance.

Why those people who buy plastic furniture like this kind of material? Here are some advantages of plastic furniture.

1. Unbreakable

Most of plastic furniture items are made up of durable plastic material that is not easy to break. This makes it free from termites and rust, which is good because it does not have any environmental triggers that can cause breakage. Because of that, plastic furniture is of low maintenance.

2. Light weight

Compared to wooden furniture, plastic furniture is light in weight. You can easily carry furniture without the help of anyone. Another thing is that you can easily place it at any part of your house.

3. Economical

Unlike other kinds of furniture, plastic furniture is often easy on the pocket. The average cost of plastic furniture items are almost half of the price of wood and metallic furniture. As far as economical reason is concerned, it is more advantageous to buy furniture that is made of this material. Whether from online store or leading furniture shops, this kind of furniture is suitable to a low budget.

4. Recyclable

Environmentally, plastic furniture can help minimize the amount of pollution caused by plastic materials on Earth. It is absolutely a wise decision to buy furniture that is eco friendly, which is why plastic furniture is best for this. To make wood furniture, manufacturers need to cut many trees and that can cause environmental issue, while plastic material is different. It is usually made from recyclable materials. With this option, you can help lessen the amount of plastics in your surrounding if you embrace it.

5. Versatile

Plastic furniture is made up of various shapes and colors that make it look stunning. Due to the plenty of designs available, you can use it in anywhere from residential to commercial building, and indoor to outdoor.

Although plastic furniture has have several good advantages, there are also a few things that will make you shake your head. Here are some of its disadvantages.

1. Not Long Lasting

If you compare it to wood furniture, plastic furniture lasts for a much shorter period of time. Wood is a more durable material compared to plastic, that’s why it make not be easily break but won’t last long that much.

2. Not Easy to Dump

Because plastic furniture is made up of material that is hard to dissolve, once it is damaged, it can’t be just disposed. It has to be properly dumped in a way that the same material can be used for other things, to undergo the process of recycling and reusing. It is considered a non-biodegradable material so it does not have to be thrown anywhere.

Now that you know the common advantages and disadvantages of plastic furniture, it is up to you if you still want to buy this kind of furniture. The materials used anyway are not that toxic, so it won’t really make any risk of health problems or the environment. After all if you compare the prices of other furniture, this option is one of the best options based on your needs.