How to Paint Metal Furniture

Furniture is made of various materials, which include metal. Metal type of material can be used as a glass table frames, chairs, benches, bed frames, headboards, and also cabinets or shelves. The usual colors of metal are silver or brass. It is not common to see golden plated metal furniture these days. But you can choose other colors to brighten them up a bit. That is when you use paint to change the color of the furniture.


If wood becomes better when laminated, metal is maintained by painting it. The coat of paint is able to keep the furniture looking new. It also helps avoid being rusty, which lengthens its lifespan for a longer use.

1. Choose a Color

It is basic to select a color and this usually depends on the want of an owner. You can select a much lighter color or a darker shade. The secret here is to use paint color that brings a better view and cozier atmosphere in the room. It should become a highlight in the room or complement the overall interior design of the area where it is placed.

2. Select between Spray Paint and Paint in a Can

You obviously have two choices of what kind of paint to use. Unless the furniture is flat and no curvy designs, spray paint is a much better option. You can finish it in a quicker time as you just spray. It also assures that all areas, even the places that are hard to reach, are coated with paint.

3. Use the Best Brush

Paint brushes differ in thickness, size, and also shape. There are thin and fat brushes, either with long or small bristles. Your selection actually depends on the furniture. Some metal furniture are thing and rounded, so use a smaller type of brush, while thicker ones should be painted with the use of a larger brush or one with thick or more bristles.

4. Coat White as the Base

Whatever color you choose, always paint a coat of white paint. This helps naturalize the main paint color for the furniture. For instance, you want to color your bench blue, but since metal is dark in color, the blue shade might not showoff well. But if you cover it with white first, the blue will become more noticeable. This same thing applies if you need to replace the old paint color regardless of the hue.

5. Apply the Main Paint

The finishing process starts when you coat the furniture with the paint color you intend to use. It is recommended to paint brush or spray it starting at one edge going to the opposite side. Continue doing the same until everything is newly painted.

6. Let it Dry

Remember to keep the new painted metal furniture dry for hours. To avoid ruining the paint, put a note that it is still wet to warn other people in your house about it. It is also better to paint outside your house so you can have it soaked under the sun for easy and quick dry. It also helps eliminate indoor pollution as paints contain hazardous elements that can harm the environment and health. So, make sure that you wear mask and glove for protection.

It is not a hassle to paint furniture that is made of metal material. However, it is somewhat tricky to paint this kind of item, because of the properties of metal that may ruin the new paint color. When painting, be thorough as you cannot afford to make a mistake that makes you apply another coat. This can make you consume a double amount of paint, which must be avoided. Most importantly, keep in mind to have fun while painting.

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