10 Tips to Have a Successful Furniture Yard Sale

Knowing the price of furniture, cleaning the items and ensuring still safe to use are some of the things you have to consider if you are planning to sell some of your personal and home stuff. There is the need to keep it affordable and low as possible. The items to offer must still be useful and functional.


Furniture is among the stuffs that are a good investment. They usually stay long for years if you are good in keeping them very functional. Now that you are planning to move or buy new furniture, get rid of the old ones by putting up a garage or front yard sale. To make certain that this yard sale is productive and successful, here are ten important ideas that you must do.

1. Pick Furniture to Sell

First, you have to identify which of your furniture items to sell. You may want to keep half or a few of them. There may be a furniture item that has been passed from generation to another and you want to cherish that still. Whether you sell them all or not, it is necessary that you identify and count all.

2. Make a List

The reason why you are identifying and counting the furniture to sell is to create an inventory. You need to have a list that keeps record of what kind, what material and how much the each furniture is. This makes it easier for you and your buyers to know what are on sale.

3. Create a Price Tag

The next thing you have to do is to know how much each furniture cost. Be very sure to put a fair price, since the furniture has already been used. You need to give a secondhand price tag for each and every item. But it can be a little higher if it’s been used for only a few weeks or still looks brand new, and no damages or scratches at all. Here are some suggestions of prices.

Couches or Sofa – $35
Living Room Table – $15 to $20
Kitchen Table – $25
End Tables – $10 all or $6 each
Coffee Table – $10
Desk – $15
Love Seat – $15 or $8 each
Office Chair – $5 (swivel or not)
Patio Chairs – $5 each
Lounge Chairs – $5 each
Patio Furniture Full Set – $30 to $45
Entertainment Center – $20
Book Shelf – $30 to $50 depending on the size
Dresser – $25 to $35 depending on the size
Head Boards – $5
Bed with Mattresses – $50 to $100

4. Set a Date of the Sale

Now that you have all the furniture to sell, think of the best day to open your yard to the public. You need to choose a day and time in which most people are available to pay a visit. You do not only expect your friends and neighbors to show up, but also other people who are in need of used, secondhand or affordable furniture. Make sure also that you choose a date that is at least two weeks from now to give you time to prepare and advertise.

5. Clean the Furniture

Before the scheduled date, make sure that you have cleaned every furniture item. It is important that they look nice, presentable and dust free. This is a basic marketing strategy whether the items you are intending to sell are brand new or not.

6. Fix Any Damaged Parts

Some furniture may have holes, others have scratches. Whatever flaws you find in the furniture, you need to repair it. Perhaps, there is a need to paint and laminate some furniture, too, especially if they are made of wood materials. The point of this is to keep the items still functional.

7. Advertise the Yard Sale

The most important thing to do when preparing for the sale day is to advertise. You need to do a variety of ways to publicize and make campaigns of your plan to sell furniture. You can buy ads on local newspapers, and post ads on directory sites on the Internet, such as Craigslist. You can also give out leaflets and glue posters in the streets.

8. Display Furniture

During the garage sale, the things you sell should be clear in the out. It means they are displayed in a way that they are seen from a distance and touched for a better inspection. Make sure also that the prices are posted so you won’t be responding to every question and inquiry. If there are any questions it must be only about the age, brand and other technical details of the furniture.

9. Assign People to Help You

It may be essential to have some individuals around helping you in selling. There may be a lot of people who will visit your garage sale. You need some help in this case. Plus, there must be always a person attending to the items to avoid robbery.

10. Be Friendly, Polite and Honest

The easiest thing to get buyers is to be kind to them. You need to build a rapport so people can have a warm feel, which is a good and effective marketing style. That way they won’t think twice about buying the furniture items they like or need.

Even if you are selling used items, a furniture yard sale must still be well planned. Your goal to achieve at the end of the day is to sell them all and make profit from this.