How to Make Your Own Kitchen Cabinet

The usual purpose of creating DIY kitchen cabinets is to save money. It is also a rewarding experience, but this project is more fun and less hassle if you know how to do so. If you have the plan to build cabinets, make sure that you do not waste time, energy, and money that you even tolerate a one single mistake. Therefore, it is better that you learn the different steps on how to build this kind of furniture. Good news is that you do not have to look further as what you need is written below!


Basic woodworking skills with familiarity of necessary tools and enough time are the prerequisites of building cabinets. There must be also budget used for the costs of buying tools and materials. The lack of one of these can make it difficult for you to finish the job. You must first outline all of these and check if you are missing one.

Step 1 – Identify the Size

First off, choose the dimension of each cabinet that you want to install in the kitchen. You need to measure the space of where to place them to have an idea of the furniture’s lengths, widths, heights, as well as depths. Get your tape measure and pen down the numbers on a paper which will be used as your guide when buying materials and starting the project.

Step 2 – Collect Materials and Tools

You have two options to get wood materials. One is to buy from a local hardware store or get some boards from the forest, assuming you have the authority to process logging. Either way, it can cost you some dime, but the most important is to gather all essential tools and materials. You must have a list of what to get and ensure they are complete before you start building. Otherwise, it can give hassle if you forget to have this and that, which interrupts you by pausing your work and heading to the store. That can be time consuming and nobody likes that.

The following are what you need to get:
hardwood plywood
tape measure
nail gun
drawer slides
drawer knobs

Step 3 – Make Cuts of Wood

Unless you bought ready-made wood materials, begin cutting based on the dimension you prefer. Start with the back wall as this is the largest wood sheet to make. If you plan to create cabinets of the same sizes, you may not even need some cutting. You can just cut boards that make dividers and doors. If you intend to make various sizes, then have extra time measuring and cutting based on the dimensions.

Step 4 – Paint or Laminate the Wood Pieces

Before you start assembling, you need to finish painting them. Choose a good color that is vibrant or earth toned. But if you choose to laminate it, which makes the material sturdier to last longer, then no need to color it.

Step 5 – Attach Every Single Piece

It is crucial to put all wood materials together to create a box and a drawer. Both of these are surely the most challenging part. You need to make perfect square or rectangle, and must be plain flat. It does require careful precision, and you may need some assistance for this, so better get a helper or two. You need to glue them up all but this is not easy if you do it alone.

Step 6 – Attach the Drawer Knob

Before you put the last pieces, which are the doors, get all the drawer knobs ready. You should have chosen a beautiful design that can be noticeable as. This is somewhat the centerpiece of a cabinet.

Other than the design, each knob must be also sturdy. It must not be easily removed from the cabinet upon one pull. That is why you need to carefully and securely attach and fasten the knobs, as well.

You may have realized that it seems easy to make kitchen cabinets. It really does as long as you know the basics and follow the proper procedure to build this furniture. But now you may not have a problem how to start building one on your own.