6 TV Shows that Give You Furniture Ideas and Renovation Tips

Many reality shows now are aired on national television and are becoming common. Most viewers patronize them because they are real, no scripted, or perhaps less. Because of that, it makes people related as they are based on daily circumstances. Among the most popular reality television shows these days are about home improvements, from furniture to real estate and renovation to budget tips. You may name a few of the shows but which ones are better to watch? Let’s talk six of the new home improvement TV shows that you can watch during their air time.


1. House Hunters

Featured on HGTV, this TV show is about helping people, whether they are individuals, couples or families, who need to buy a new house. They give the description and information regarding the dream house they want. The realtors will help them find excellent choices based on what the potential buyers have given. It is usually three houses to choose from. The buyers can then either choose from one of those three or look further. It all depends on the price range and the house itself. Viewers are both entertained and taught some things regarding how to select and buy a new home.

2. Property Brothers

Another reality TV show of the same channel about home and renovation is Property Brothers. This features brothers who are identical twins – one is a real estate expert, while the other is a licensed contractor. It seems like they are good partners, aren’t they? Well, they should, and people can rely on them, not to mention they will be featured on a national television! The highlight here is to help couples buy or renovate their dream homes within a limited time and on a certain budget.

3. Desperate Landscapes

In DIY channel, there is the reality based show called Desperate Landscapes. This one is for transforming landscape and yards, including porch, pathways, painting and gardening. It is a good show for every homeowner who needs some tips and secrets on how to turn a jungle looking yard into a paradise without spending a large amount of cash.

4. Renovation Realities

As its title suggests, Renovation Realities is a show on DIY Network channel that features home improvement and renovation projects of ordinary people, whether they are individuals, couples or families. Viewers are fascinated and taught how to make their rooms look more attractive. Shows like this can give you ideas about do-it-yourself projects and wise spending of budget.

5. Gardening by the Yard

A similar TV program that showcases gardening and lawn care is HGTV’s Gardening by the Yard. Basic tips and key secrets about how to make yards look better are offered. It is not merely to help particular individuals or families transform their yard into a more attractive lawn or garden, but specified tips and tricks are given every episode of the show.

6. Sweet Equity

On DIY Network, it is merely about improving a house that can add value. The program involves a professional team of contractors, interior designers and other experts of home improvement and renovation. It also includes the planning and executing home projects under affordable budget.

All six TV shows are good programs to watch during their regular or fixed time on air. Those who need some tips, tricks and ideas about home improvement, whether about buying a new house or transforming something in and out of the home, must include these reality television shows on their watch list. For sure, you are one of those fans who may just need some basic tips about gardening, renovating and cost efficiency.

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