How to Build a Kitchen Island in Two Days

You can save money if you build your own kitchen island. Well, it is not a big amount of cash to save, but still a better choice if you like to spend less. And, the good part is that you can finish a custom kitchen island in more than 24 hours.


You have three options on how to make a kitchen island. You can start building from a table, a dresser or a cabinet. This also gives you the choice to either buy or make furniture. Either way, kitchen island is a type of furniture, so basically you have to use the same materials and tools.

1. Make a Countertop

The first thing to make is the countertop. You choose the size and shape. Though rectangle is the traditional pick, you can definitely try other shapes, like perfect square, round or polygon. It is easier to use hardwood when customizing a kitchen island. You may still use a thinner wood material, but you need to use two layers. That means you attach each other to form a thicker countertop. It is optional to use marble as the countertop.

2. Create a Cabinet or Shelves

The next thing to make is the bottom part. You have an option for this again. This part can be a cabinet, a shelf of a combination of the two. The main feature of a kitchen island is the storage room, so there is no way to leave or skip this part.

If you recycle an old cabinet or use a new one, simply attach it with the countertop. Before doing so, you need to laminate or paint both the countertop and the cabinet. You also ensure that the size of the cabinet must match the countertop.

If you choose to customize, there must be extra materials to use. It also requires extra time but the process is not difficult. First of all, you just build a box shape by having walls, a top and a bottom part. Make a pair of door or a set of drawers. You need to nail glue and screw to secure its durability.

3. Add Furniture

To complete the kitchen island, add chairs that you can match with the design or style of the countertop. It is better to use a type of chair that is easy to carry and move. Anyway, you only have to add two or three chairs. This is the part where you chop or prepare food ingredients, as well as a place for rush breakfast or coffee.

It is alright to make your own kitchen island. But bear in mind that you need to know the basic instructions on how to create one. By simply following the steps above, it should not be very difficult to make a customized kitchen island that lets you save some cash. Unless you do not have time or the skills to do so, building a kitchen island on your own is fun.