Build a New Deck for Lounging and Barbecuing

A deck is sometimes necessary if you have a roomy backyard. It can create a lounging area for picnicking and barbecuing. If this is your next home project, below are the not-so-difficult steps on how to build a deck.


Step 1: Prepare the Yard

The first thing to do is to simply clean the area. Have roots removed, and run condensate pipes.

Preparation is also when you set all necessary tools and materials, which are as follows:
4×4 posts
2×6 boards
circular saw
table saw
nail gun
post hole digger
tape measure

Step 2: Install Posts

Once clear, dig holes to install posts that will hold and support the weight of your backyard deck. The holes should be filled with concrete mix. To make this, mix cement ingredients and water. You may also use quick setting concrete mix. Either way, you have to place the posts on top of the cement right away.

Step 3: Build the Frame

Start creating the frame of the deck. Use pressure-treated 2×6 boards, a nail gun or a hammer and nails. Attach the joists to the frame. It is also recommended to add metal support posts that can serve as the brace of the posts for more stability and security. Lastly, attach 2x4s across the frame, and that’s it!

Step 4: Add Elements

If you do not want a flat deck, you can add more flooring, a half size or 1/3 of the overall size of the deck. You may also build fences to make the place more beautiful and formal. For shading, install a foldable and removable roofing made of fabric or tarpaulin, or a more permanent kind of roof. One last option is to paint the whole area or leave its natural state.

Step 5: Create a Grilling Cabinet

Your grilling is either within the deck or outside it but not too far. You can also choose to have a cemented grilling or a wooden one. Wood furniture to place grilling is just much easier to build when compared to stucco, mortar, or marble. Regardless of what you select, there is an easier solution to have a grilling, and that is to hire a professional contractor.

Step 6: Place a Set of Furniture

It is more fun and convenient to hang around your deck when you have a cushioned chair to seat on and a table to place your refreshing drinks or tray of cigarettes. A warm afternoon on the weekends reading a book or having a picnic with friends is a nice way to unwind without leaving your house or spending a lot of money. All thanks to the great company of furniture!

A deck in a home is an additional area for various activities like grilling for the entire family or one-day partying with buddies. If your backyard has that enough space, you should try setting up a deck. All you need is to simply follow the steps discussed above.