Furniture Ideas and Storage Solutions for a Small Bathroom

Is your bathroom too small to add a medium or large sized cabinet? That is not a problem at all! You can still find a solution to have a cabinet or storage furniture for your different bathroom items. Here are ideas and tips to follow.


1. Ledge-Style Shelves

The walls of the bathroom are spacious enough to put a shelf. A ledge style is a good design that can accommodate small or thin items whether they are toiletries or cosmetics, such as candles, extra soaps and shampoos, and rolls of tissues. You can install one line ledge or more, either short or long in sizes, on walls.

2. Plank Style Shelves

Another design to mount on walls of a small bathroom is plank style. It is a little bit roomy for larger items. You can display vases stuffed with beautiful and fresh flowers, a lamp, and towels.

3. Board with Hooks

A much simpler storage solution for a small and tight bathroom is a board with hooks. You can hang towel in the hooks, as well as baskets that are filled with some of your cosmetics and toiletries.

4. Floating Shelves

This kind of shelf is similar to plank style shelf but larger in sizes. It is like a cabinet or shelf without the frame or corner. You can install two or more floating shelves on the walls until the height that you can reach.

5. Glass Shelves

Aside from wood material, glass can give a nice effect in the bathroom. Whatever the interior design or color of the tiles on the wall, glass shelves make a beautiful storage room for your toiletries, cosmetics and medicines.

6. Hang Boxes

Boxes are also good storage for towels and bathrobes that you can fold as well as towels. These are hanged on walls to maximize space. You may also put medicines and hygiene products in these boxes. You can add doors to keep the items stored in the boxes clean and dry.

7. Stylish Wall Storage

Another unique idea of having storage room for your bathroom items is the use of a barrel-like furniture. You use wood barrel that is divided into four or more pieces and hang on the wall. This is a good solution in storing hand and face towels, tissues, hygiene products, and other toiletries.

8. Boxes and Containers

You can also use containers, boxers, and bins to organize your toiletries and hygiene products. They help make your bathroom look neat and nicer. You put them on top of shelves, cabinets and ledge-style furniture that are installed on the walls of the bathroom.

It is nice to have furniture and storage corner for your personal items in the bathroom. It does not matter whether the area is spacious or not. There are always solutions and ideas that you can try doing to keep your bathroom organized, neat, clean and beautiful. With the tips given above, you won’t have a problem organizing all of your bathroom stuff.