Custom Headboards for Kids’ Bedroom

Headboards serve as two major things. First, they complement the bedroom and also the entire room. The second one is they are useful for leaning your back. These two reasons can make your kids like to hang out more often in their bedroom.


Whether you need to renovate the room of your kid or transform the bed into a more beautiful look, installing a new headboard can help make that happen. Here are seven samples of headboards for kids’ beds that you can simply make using recycled materials.

Custom Headboard Sample 1: Picket Fence

You may even have the thought of using old picket fence or decking boards. There is no doubt about that since picket fence is found anywhere. This design will make the whole bed look awesome. It is better that you paint it in a bright color to lighten up not only the bed but the entire room. It is also a good idea to use various colors, regardless of the color of the bed frame.

Custom Headboard Sample 2: Picture Frames

Attached frames on plain board are a unique idea. Instead of displaying the pictures of your kids in frames on top of the table or cabinet, have them showcased on the headboard. You may choose one picture of your child as a baby, as a kindergarten, and then the most recent. You may add more as he or she grows up. That can bring great memories to your kid.

If you do not want to use different photos, a large family photo will be a good pick. This can remind your kid that no matter what you all are there for him or for her.

Custom Headboard Sample 3: Letters

Maybe the first name or nickname of your child can be framed and hanged on the headboard. Print fonts in colored and use one letter per frame.

Another choice is to use a specific word or phrase, such as “sweet dreams”, “wonder boy”, “princess”, and “daddy’s girl”. You spell the words out and also use one letter at a time.

If you do not want to use frames, try to be creative. You can paint letters on planks and attach them on the headboard. You may also use carved letters on wood boards that are cut.

Custom Headboard Sample 4: Glowing Stars and Moon

Most kids, especially younger ones, are fascinated with anything that sparkles and twinkles. Therefore, use stars and moon that can glow in the dark. Have them posted on the headboard that must be painted with dark color, either black or navy blue. Your child will have a good night rest as stars and the moon light up above his or her head.

Custom Headboard Sample 5: Enchanted Woods

The newest bedroom décor nowadays is the use of tree branches, without the leaves, that are usually painted in white color. At the upper end of each wood, you can design a flower wall décor. Adorn the branches with other cute elements, such as ribbons, painted birds and butterflies. This kind of headboard is for girls, but can be also used for boys as long as you do not add those feminine elements.

Custom Headboard Sample 6: T-Shirt or Sports Uniform Collection

Your son may be a fan of a certain baseball team, football, basketball, or football. Perhaps, he loves a lot of sports and fans of some great world’s players. Then buy some jerseys of his favorite players or teams and make them look as quilted and attach on his bed’s headroom.

If not a sports uniform, t-shirts can be also displayed on the headboard. Any shirts that have sentimental value to your child are good choices to put on the headboard. Even girls may have this kind of headboard. Just use shirts of their favorite Disney princess or Barbie doll. Younger kids do love cartoon shows and you can also make their headboards filled with pictures of Nemo, Cars, Sponge Bob, Ben Ten, Garfield, Mickey Mouse, Spider Man, Incredible Hulk, etc. on shirts.

Custom Headboard Sample 7: Long and Upholstered

This style of headboard is not very common, but a good choice to modernize the bedroom of your kid. What this is about is a long headboard that can reach up to the ceiling! It will look nice in the room of your little boy or girl. An upholstered headboard can create a beautiful and dramatic effect for sure.

There are many creative and custom designs of headboards for kids’ bedroom that you can make in a few, very easy steps. What you just basically need is the creativity, patience and resourcefulness. It does require you to be imaginative to make cute headboards that your children will like.