Furniture Arrangement Tips and Ideas

Furniture sets the tone and cozy atmosphere in a room. It does not matter if it is dark or light colored, made of wood or glass, as long as it matches the interior design. Other than that, how the furniture is arranged must be considered. You must know which side the furniture is facing, how far the furniture is from the wall, door, window, etc. Well, you will learn some tips and ideas on how to properly arranged furniture pieces.


Always Measure

Before you buy furniture, always check to see if it can fit to your room. You must know the size of the space where you put the furniture so you can easily figure out which size is the right one to get. You can use a tape measure to know the dimensions of your room, and list that down to have an ideal still, in case you forget. When you say dimensions, it refers to the width, length as well as heighth and depth.

Choose According to Size

The style and color are very important, so is the size. What’s the use of measuring your room if you cannot identify the right size of furniture to use? Make sure that the furniture fits in the room, which means there are spaces left for other items and for walking. Also, do not just settle with one size, since there are various sizes and kinds of furniture that you can use and display in the room.

Create Balance

Make the size of the furniture and the extra space in the room as your balancing scale. With the right balance, you can create a much better atmosphere. Remember that you need to have a harmonious room regardless of how many furniture pieces are there.

There are two things about balance in furniture arrangement. The first one is called symmetrical, also known as bilateral symmetry, which is perfect, like a straight line, no curves. The other is called asymmetry, which is quite imperfect but can make balance. For instance, flowers or candles in holders do not have to be aligned together, but they look beautiful upon display. It is a great idea to use both types of balance when arranging your furniture.

Consider Convenience

Having enough space after you put your furniture pieces is the idea to get the comfort you need. The room must not be too crowded, but not too spacious as well. For instance, the width of the cabinet must not be that much if you have less space and to make sure it gives extra room. It must have three to four feet only from the next item, like the couch. If there is a couch and a table, they must be two feet apart, so is the chair if that is what you use. This generally provides more convenience, because the room must look organized.

Match with Other Items

A room is not only filled with furniture. Obviously, there are other items that you put in a room. For example, the living room does not only have a set of table and sofa or chairs, as there have to be a TV set. Another example is the kitchen, in which you expect a dining table and chairs, as well as pantry and a kitchen island. To add those, there must be dishware and appliances, such as refrigerator, stove, and oven.

Regardless of what you own, all items must be organized in line with the furniture items you have. The cabinets serve as storage for your different items that fit into them. The table must have flowers in a vase. The couches and chairs must have cushions. All these elements must match with the furniture. Therefore, the paint color of the wall, ceiling and flooring must also be balanced with the furniture.

Furniture does not only provide various uses. They also create a better and more beautiful atmosphere in a room. It is a good investment any homeowner can make. That’s why do not just set them up as you think it is, but in a creative and professional ways as well. You do not need to have a certification in home décor, but according to basic arrangement.