Ways to Renovate Your Front Porch

Do you believe that front porch leaves a first impression to guests and even bystanders? Well, it does, because this is the part of the house that most people see first. It is also the area to greet visitors as soon as they arrive in your premises. That said, this area must be beautiful and always clean.


If there is a need to remodel your kitchen and bathroom, so is the front porch. This has to be updated from time to time. It must not be only renovated when there are damages, cracks and scratches that require fixing. Sometimes, you have to make it new and more attractive as long as you have the budget. Besides, it won’t cost you a lot of money to remodel and transform your front porch in a more attractive and unique look.

1. Assess the Imperfections

The best way to look at your porch is to spot the flaws and imperfections. This is easier for you to see just how much outdated your porch is. It gives you the motivation and reason to renovate it as soon as possible. Also, you are able to see what must be repaired if there is any.

2. Repaint the Floor and Fences

Whether you need repair or not, both the color of the flooring and the fences must be changed. Applying paint on this area makes the entire front porch looks more appealing.

Choose a much brighter shade for the fences, posts, railings and stairs if the exterior design is dark, and a little bit darker if the outer walls of your house are painted in light colors. It is also a good option to match the color with the exterior shade. The usual color of painting that is appropriate to use on the front porch is white.

For the flooring, natural wood color can just be refurbished or stained with coating for wooden boards. But if you like to paint it, make sure it matches the color of the fences.

3. Fix the Roof

If your porch has a roofing of its own, check this area too. There may be some cracks that need replacement or parts that must be newly repainted.

4. Trim the Lawn and Clear Shrubs

It is nice to have a little garden on your front porch. You can put up a few pots of plants that can be hanged on the ceiling, displayed on the railings, and even showcased on the sides of the stairs. Choose flowery plants so they add glow and beauty to your porch. Just do not overcrowd or overdo the plants to put up.

Moreover, the lawn must be kept mowed. Flat, neat lawn can give a better look on your porch. That also means you must purge or trim bushes and shrubs as much as possible. They must not look wild and chaos.

5. Install Lighting Fixtures

At night, the front porch must still look awesome. That is possible through the presence of light bulbs and lamps. You may need the assistance of a professional electrician to put up lights in a safe way.

To save some energy, use fluorescent light bulbs that must be covered with a shade to give a much better look. You can just install two bulbs and just add a pair of lamps on the stairs.

You can also put a string of lights, like the ones you use for the Christmas tree, and hang it on the side of the ceiling. If this idea seems to be risky and energy consuming, use candles with a secure holder instead.

6. Add Furniture

What is the use of a porch if you cannot comfortably hang out over there? You do not want to just keep standing and pacing back and forth here. It is best if you have a set of furniture that you can use while having coffee with your guests, reading a novel in the afternoon, or playing board games with your kids. A small table can be optional, but have at least two chairs, a medium-sized sofa, or a bench to keep you and other people accommodated.

In addition, transform your furniture with some décors. You can accentuate the chairs or bench by putting a few cushions or throw pillows that you can also make with your bare hands. A table cloth or linen with a small flower vase is also a nice touch.

It is fun to renovate the front porch. This gives additional beauty to the exterior design of the house. It also provides warmth and convenience if the front yard is clean, neat and organized. Lastly, it can help increase the value of your home, which is beneficial if you have the plan to put it on the market.