How to Make a Dining Table within a Day

Do you need a new picnic table in your backyard? Are you planning to get an extra table for dining? If so, do not bother the hassle of going to a local furniture store. Just learn the easy steps to build a dining table that you can accomplish for several hours. Yes, you can certainly make a dining table in just a day. Here is what you need to do and follow.


1. Order Sturdy Plywood

Wood material to use for furniture like table should be sturdy. You may select from among the most durable types, including birch, aspen and red oak. The cuts of plywood must be also thick to ensure sturdiness Other than the thickness and durability, plywood must have natural, beautiful pattern.

2. Gather Tools

Along with plywood, there are other materials to use in creating a dining table. Basically, saw, hammer, nails, and glue gun are the essential tools needed. You may also need a tape measure or a ruler, a pencil and a paper for measuring up the wood for cutting.

3. Identify the Measurements

Most of the time, you buy plywood in large sizes. That means you need to make some cuttings. You have your own choice of how long and wide should the table be. This simply implies that you must find out the measurements of your table. List down the length, width, heighth, and even depth of the dining table you want to have. The overall measurement must be based on the space of the room where you will put it. It must not be a too long or two wide table if it consumes a lot of space in your kitchen.

4. Cut Woods

You only have two options in regards to how to cut the wood materials to use in building a table. You either get help from a contractor or do it on your own. If you decide to have a contractor cut them, give him the measurement you prefer. It may be a typical size, which is 92 inches long, 30 inches wide and 29 inches high. Otherwise, it is either smaller or larger. That really depends on your needs. If you cut the wood into pieces, just use the necessary supply and be thorough in cutting.

5. Glue Wood Pieces

The first proper step of building a dining table is to glue the woods up. You have to attach them by gluing and nailing them together. First off, start with the top by putting two logs on each side or just one in the middle. This part can help hold the top and keep it sturdy, which prevents easy breakage or cracks.

After that, you can attach the legs. You can use two legs or three legs, which include one in the middle. Regardless, the legs should be as thick as possible. The legs are important part of a table as they hold it.

It is not a difficult job to put wood pieces together and create a useful table for dining. It is also a task that does not consume a lot of time. You can absolutely finish making one in several hours in one day! So, why hire a builder if you can make it on your own? It is a lot cheaper to build a table yourself as there is no fee to pay. You only have to spend money for buying the necessary materials. This can help you save some bucks for sure. Just learn the steps as mentioned and discussed above then you can build your own table.