The Best Days to Buy Furniture

To spend money with investment on furniture, it is best to know the right time to start shopping. Sometimes you do need to wait for the best days to buy furniture in order to shell out less amount of money. Here are cheap furniture buying secrets that you need to keep in mind.


The New Year

The month of January is an excellent time to get any type of furniture. The Christmas holiday sales on December are actually extended until the next month. As a matter of fact, furniture items are much cheaper after the holidays. Not only that as most new collections of furniture arrive during late January or early February. It’s a great new year to start off, isn’t it?

The Spring Break

Some furniture stores do offer discounts on their old and new series as to celebrate spring break. It is not just an offer for college students as some may need a new space, but also to everybody who just needs to have a brand new set of living room furniture, dining furniture or bed furniture.

The Father’s Day

Even the day, particularly Sunday, to commemorate all fathers around the world, living or dead, is also a great time to buy furniture. Several furniture items, such as chair, couch, study table and bed, are offered in a much cheaper tag price. You may not need to get one for your dad or husband, but buying at this holiday is one way to spend less.

The Fourth of July

The Independence Day in the US is one holiday that is celebrated by most, if not all, US citizens. So, are furniture stores nationwide! You have to mark your calendar with this date as a furniture shopping day, too.

The Summer Season

Patio furniture, pool lounge, picnic table and other outdoor furniture are usually sold in cheaper price during the start and middle of summer. You have to keep this time as a discount sale season for some furniture.

The End of Summer

As summer is approaching to an end on August or September, many furniture shops offer “Back to School” promos on some of their items. This is another date to look forward to when you need a new furniture piece for home or office use. Plus, the second arrival of most new collections in a yearly basis is on August.

The Beginning of Fall

There are also local stores that mark down furniture items for up to 50% during the start of the fall or autumn season. This is because people would tend to get cozy and find ways to stay warm when cold weather starts. Hence, more reason to snuggle in the couch or bed.

The Black Friday

Thanksgiving is another holiday season celebrated by Americans. And you know exactly what that means. Traditionally, many people look forward to going to the mall at a very early time just to get items that are on sale. This is your best opportunity to find furniture that is sold up to 75% discounts!

The Christmas Season

Of course, most items are on sale when December strikes. Shoppers come out during this season as the giving or exchanging of gifts has been a tradition to most people. Start scouting what you need to get even before this holiday season starts. Do not worry because more discounts are offered until Boxing Day is over.

There you go! You have plenty of chances to buy furniture in a more inexpensive way. Just mark your calendar and remind yourself to get anything needed in your home, office or business when it comes to furniture.