5 Items that Set the Tone of a Traditional Kitchen

The kitchen is the room that makes your tummy happy. Oh, definitely yes! Where else can you find your favorite food ingredients to cook, bake or grill? But the real secret of a good kitchen is not solely about the foods and drinks. A kitchen won’t be called that way without the traditional things that make it complete. Here are five important items that must be installed in a kitchen room.


1. Kitchen Cabinets

This part of a house should be kept clean and neat at all times. Even if you say you are too organized to store food ingredients in cans, jars, and bottles, everything has to be placed in a closed door. Cabinets mounted above the stove and sink are necessary to keep your things in a warm and safe place. This is the right furniture to use to protect kitchen wares and food items from insects, as well as to keep out of reach of children. Overall, kitchen cabinets are one of the best ways to make the entire room look spacious and organized.

2. Countertop

The sink is usually found in one part of the countertop. This is also the place where you find the faucet, coffee maker, oven toaster, stove, blender, and other small appliances needed in the kitchen. While this is usually lengthy, the countertop is not always used for preparing food ingredients. It is just a corner where you can put the dishes that must be washed. Still, it is the table to put essential kitchen items as the ones already mentioned.

3. Kitchen Island

The dining table is designed as a setting place for eating your prepared foods. This must not be the table to use to prepare ingredients. That’s why there is a kitchen island installed to make that happen and more suitable. This is where you can slice meat and vegetables, mix fish and spices, peel fruits, batter eggs, etc. It is also made as a breakfast and coffee table when you are in a hurry in the morning. All in all, it is just important as the kitchen cabinets and countertop. Trust me, you’ll spend more time here than anywhere in the kitchen.

4. Pantry

For storing other items, actually most of the items found in the kitchen, it is a must to have one corner where you can put a big open cabinet, which is known as the pantry. This is where you have to put all food ingredients, from vegetables to fruits, spices to condiments, as well as extra beverages, just in case the fridge is already full. Besides, the kitchen cabinets cannot accommodate all items you have. They are only enough for some China ware and other cooking utensils. Better have other things stored in the pantry for a more organized kitchen. Plus, this makes it easier for you to grab any ingredients when preparing or cooking food.

5. Refrigerator

Last, but not the least, a life-size or higher refrigerator should not be absent in a home kitchen. This is where you can preserve foods and keep drinks chilled. Nobody likes to live in a home anymore without this appliance. It has been a necessity to all of us, don’t you agree? It is not fun and refreshing to drink juice or even water if it is not cold or no ice cubes added. It is really boring to have kitchen without a fridge. Make sure the one you have can accommodate most of your food stuff, including cheese, chocolate bars, beverages, meat, fish, some vegetables and fruits.

You may have all these things placed in your kitchen, but what is the use if they are empty? So, ensure you have complete dining ware, kitchen utensils and food ingredients to fulfill your appetite needs. As you live, whether alone, with roommates or with a family of your own, the kitchen is a sanctuary to everybody.

In case of remodeling, most of the things listed above can be replaced or fixed. It does not matter if your kitchen needs an entire renovation, but if you have all the complete and necessary things, this room still becomes useful. Just treat it right and properly since you own it.