5 Easy Steps to Successfully Installing Kitchen Cabinets

The installation of kitchen cabinets is not an easy job, but not too difficult as well. It can be demanding, but this should not stop you from mounting a set of cabinets in your kitchen.


There are many things that you need to consider before you start doing the process of installing cabinets. Here are the following steps that help you create kitchen cabinets in a less stressful way.

Step 1

The first on the installation list is to check your wall in the kitchen. It is essential to check the walls before setting up any furniture, and in this case, the kitchen cabinets. Make sure that the wall where to install the furniture is strong enough. This is the very core of installing something on the wall. If you see any crack on the wall, fix it first before you mount your cabinets. If you have old cabinets installed on the walls, this can be another task for you. That is because you have to obviously remove them and replace with new ones.

Step 2

Secondly, get all necessary materials and tools for the installation of kitchen cabinets. Be sure that your tools are complete and fully ready because they are the means to start and finish the job. You cannot just easily glue up cabinets in a wall. It is more complex than that, of course.

You may also need various tools to remove old cabinets. That is if you have to replace the existing cabinets. The supply here usually includes screws or nails and hammer. Be sure to remove all the cabinets completely, because it is easy to install and work with the new cabinets without interruption.

What you have to do is to remove the doors and shelves of the cabinets. After that, unhook all the nails and screws from the walls. If the old cabinets are in a single unit, it is better to separate them one at a time, rather than uninstalling them at once. This is to avoid damaging the walls, which may cause you an additional job and you probably won’t like that.

Step 3

The third step is to measure the place where you like to install the kitchen cabinets and the furniture set itself. But if there are old cabinets with the same dimension as the new set, you can make the whole size of your old furniture as the pattern. It is easier to install a kitchen cabinet with a pattern anyway as it saves you time and effort.

The things that you usually need to measure are the heights, especially the upper area of each of the cabinets, the width, the length, and the depth. If you have cabinet that is near the sink or stove, be sure to give additional space between the bottom and the sink or stove. That also means you have to consider checking gaps and spaces when measuring.

Step 4

Fourth, you have to look for ideal wood material that suits to your kitchen wall. It must not just be based on your taste. Take note that there are many kinds of woods that can be used for furniture, kitchen cabinets. To narrow down, just choose wood that is durable and resistant to cracking and pest infestation. Some of the good ones are dark wood, light wood and solid wood.

Step 5

The last thing to do is to choose whether you install the cabinets yourself or hire a professional contractor. Even if you have experience or skill in installing cabinets you may still need a help from someone to fix your cabinets. The location of setting this kind of furniture says it all. You do not want to go up and down installing one wood at a time. That can take you a lot of time, so to lessen it, have at least one person with you who can assist you, unless if you opt for a team of installers of kitchen cabinets.

These are the simple but essential steps in regards to installing cabinets in the kitchen walls. It is proper to consider these things if you want to have a perfect set of kitchen cabinets that can be very useful for a long time.