Build or Buy Kitchen Countertops

If you need a new countertop, there are two choices for you to consider. The first one is to buy a new countertop, while the second option is to make your own for your kitchen. Which one do you think is better in terms of efficiency and better result? Let’s talk about the advantages of each and weigh in your choice whether you go for building or buying a kitchen countertop.


Obviously, some of the most important things that you need to think about is the material, type, design, and size of the kitchen countertop. These are just basic elements but very vital in the selection of countertop to install in your house.

Kitchen countertops are available in different types. The most common kitchen countertops are granite, marble, laminate, ceramic tile, quartz, Butcher’s block, stainless steel and soapstone. In fact, if you identify the kind of material to use first, you will have an easier way of selecting whether to shop or construct a kitchen countertop. Perhaps, there are some materials that may be difficult for you to use for DIY building.

Option 1: Buying

Time is the major element if you opt for buying countertop. You do not have to schedule in building one if you can just spend an hour or two looking for the right choice at a local furniture store.

When you buy, it also means that there is less hassle included. Your only problem is selecting the best that suits your kitchen.

Option 2: Building

In comparison, building or constructing a kitchen countertop is definitely time consuming. More hassles are expected for this option. Unless you are very skilled, making a countertop may take you awhile, regardless of the size. Also, it can be stressful to complete this process. It can possibly give you headache and body pain.

The advantage of choosing to build a countertop is the money you can save. It is a budget friendly option if you make on your own. That is because you can choose the materials into pieces by a more affordable price.

Option 3: Hire a Contractor

Another option you may like to select is to let someone do the construction of kitchen countertop for you. If you want to save money but then do not have the time to do on your own, one alternative is to hire a contractor who can make a professionally looking and elegant furniture. Just order all the materials necessary and let that worker do everything.

My uncle used to make his own furniture since he has the skill and experience. If I needed a new cabinet, table or countertop, I would call him to help me canvass if building or buying is better. We always ended up letting him build since he could do it. For me personally, this third option is the best. It really does benefit you if you know someone who can construct and install a countertop for you.

It is in your hand to deal with this circumstance. As far as money is concerned, you definitely want to choose the best option that lets you spend less money. It is better that you assess just how much you can shell out if you buy and compare that if you build or hire a contractor. This is basically the thing that helps you choose which option is much better according to your budget and needs. It is not just about the personal reasons why you have to select this or that. You have to balance all factors to come up with the best choice.