3-in-1 Furniture – Stairs, Bookshelf and Cabinet

Do you want to save some space in one of the rooms of your house? Are you planning to have furniture that can be used for more than one purpose? The answer to both of these questions is a 3-in-1 furniture that features a stair, a bookshelf and an open cabinet.


In building a house, having enough space is efficient. This allows you to have more room for your different personal belongings, especially large and bulky items, like furniture. What’s far better is to use a single piece of furniture for different ways.

Whether you have to construct for the first time or remodel your home, it is best to have a staircase which the under space is used as a storage room for your other things. You see pictures of various stairs and even the real ones when visiting the homes of your relatives and friends.

To see the big picture here, try to imagine of what things you can place under the space of the stair. Or better, count how many items you think that can be stored and displayed under it. When you do that, there is a bigger chance for you to see the essence of making a stair as a piece of furniture, too.

Optional 1: A Drawer

There are a few ways on how you can convert the stair into furniture. One option is to build drawers under the space. This is a great storage room for things that may make a mess in your house. All the toys of your kids will have room in there. You can even make partitions by putting plastic boxes so there are places for tiny items, like embroidery kit, cross-stitch, jewelry beads, and construction tools. This kind of storage is good for hiding some things that are only used seldom, including umbrellas, hats, a baby foldable stroller, and flip flops.

Optional 2: A Bookshelf

The second option in using the under space of the stair to be purposeful is to make it a bookshelf. Do you have a lot of books from children’s stories to college books and dictionaries to atlas? Perhaps, you do subscribe newspapers and magazines, too. If you have plenty of books and magazines of all kinds, a built-in bookshelf under the stair would be a good storage place for them. You do not need another shelf if you can use the under space of your stair. Wouldn’t that be a great opportunity to maximize space?

Optional 3: A Cabinet

One other use of the under space of a stair is to make it a cubicle or a cabinet. This would be a great way to showcase your artsy vases, expensive ceramics, model cars, championship football, and personal awards, like trophies and plaques. If you want to highlight these things and others, it is best to keep the cabinet open, which means do not put a door.

Optional 4: A Combination of a Drawer, a Cabinet and a Bookshelf

It will be a very fantastic idea to use the under space of the stair as both a storage and cabinet or a shelf. One part of it will be drawers, where you put small and numerous items, and another part will be the shelf for your collection of books and magazines. Some parts, especially the highest area, would be a room for displaying your figurines and other expensive personal items.

By making your staircase not just a path to enter the next floor of your house, there is efficiency in terms of using space. This will be a great idea that you can also for your new house or home remodeling.