Style Your Dining Table with Table Runner

Vases and candlesticks probably come to the mind when you ask about a table decoration. They are certainly centerpieces, but what makes a table in your dining area looks more stunning is the runner. This is a very ideal and stylish element of a table in the kitchen.


How are you able to have an eye-catching table runner? What are the things you must know when looking for one that you can put on the tabletop? Would you rather buy or make your own dining table runner? These are important questions that you need to ask yourself and answer as you read more information below.

Creating your own runner for tables has its own advantages and disadvantages. You need some time to make one, so if you are too busy for work, business, or even for small kids, it won’t be appropriate to opt for this. If you have both the skill to embroider and time to finish it, customizing a table runner would not be that difficult.

You can always order any runner for dining tables at a local store in case you do not have the talent or time to create one for yourself. When this is the only option you have, it is essential to know some secrets in choosing. You know there would be numerous choices available for sure, as there are different fabrics to use, colors, sizes and styles.

It helps matching the design of your table when selecting runner. Dark colored tables are best styled when you put a lighter colored runner. How would the table runner be noticed if it has the same shade as the table? Remember that a table runner needs to be recognized in one glance. That’s basically one of the purposes of having runner on a table.

The kind of table has also something to do with your selection of a runner. If the table is used for an indoor dining, the runner needs to be elegant and formal in style. If it is for an outdoor use, like a picnic table, you can have a runner that is more colorful, fun and attractive.

When you select a table runner, also consider the napkins. The color of both table items should be the same or closely similar. For instance, if you choose a white linen table runner, the napkin must be in white color as well. If the runner is red, then so are the napkins.

Materials and pattern designs of table runners are other essential factors in making a selection. Both of these are actually chosen based on personal taste and interest. Yet, you can also distinguish how affordable or expensive a table runner is through its material. That’s why you must be careful in selecting the fabric. Some are cheaper like polyester, while others, such as silk, are much pricey.

The size is one thing to look for in choosing runner for your table. It is usually long that has to extend down the edge of a rectangle shaped table. The ends of the runner must have accents, like tassels. By the way, this is part of a table runner that you can easily make if you like to.

A table becomes more attractive if it has a runner on it, even without the use of a tablecloth. But this does not mean you have to get rid of tablecloth. This is able to protect your table, whether wood or glass, from scratch. The runner can only cover the middle part, but not the entire table, so you may need to place a tablecloth first and an appealing runner.