Lounge Chair and Picnic Table in the Poolside

Would it be nice to have a barbecue and pool party at your own backyard every weekend? This is possible if you have a poolside with a useful table and lounger. You and your family can have a wonderful time together dining out in your own premise or swimming with your friends. To make your pool area a lot more enticing for hangout, here are tips on how to build picnic table and lounge chair.


Get Necessary Materials

As you have some splash in the water, you do not want to mess your outdoor sofa or chair. Sometimes, there is a need to just relax under the sun for a bit. With the pool nearby, all-wood furniture is the ideal one to have. So, get as many wood materials as you can to use in building your lounger and table. To save money, use recycled or used wood.

Building tools, such as hammer, nails, screws, bolts and nuts, are important too. Each and every one of these is necessary to make wooden furniture. You may even want a can of paint to have a colored wood table and lounge chair.


Measurement is crucial in making a piece of furniture, regardless of how small or large the size is. For an outdoor table, square or rectangle is usually the most common shape and it’s easier to construct than a round one. A lounger has to be really rectangle, unless you want a little curve on the side for a unique style. But why still give yourself a hard time if you can just opt for an easier and simpler one? Anyway, the general rule when measuring is to get the numbers and write them down.

Start Cutting

The purpose of accurately measuring is to know how long, short, wide, low or high to cut. Alignment of the materials is the key in creating a beautiful piece. You really need to make a picnic table with the right dimension, so is the pool lounger.

Glue and Nail

A fun and interesting thought about making wood furniture is that it is similar as completing a picture puzzle. You basically attach the materials together to create a furniture piece. Start constructing at the bottom part of the furniture. For instance, a table is created by making a frame, which is usually the lower part. From there, you can continue building until you finish the top. Make sure that you secure the table or lounger properly with nails, bolts and nuts, and glue.

Finish and Paint

What makes the poolside furniture complete is when you finish them by sanding the top of the table and the main part of the lounge chair. You may even want to paint both of them with a brown, white or any color you prefer. To make them water resistant, apply some silicon waterproofing sealer or wood stain for further durability.

When you have these two pieces of furniture, your pool area becomes more comfortable and conducive. They are also very useful in accommodating you for a few minutes relaxation.