Build Your Own Desk in 6 Easy Steps

Making a home or office table from scratch is surely fun. What will get you more interested is this DIY project is an easy task. You can make one for the entire day! Moreover, you only need to follow six steps in building a desk. Here is how you can do it by yourself.



The very first thing you have to do is obviously get the materials. How are you able to start with wood, hammer and nails? Basically, you just have to grab wood of any type of your choice, sheets of MDF, bolts and nuts, screws, liquid nails, hole filler, and paint from your local hardware store. Other than these, this project requires drill, extra head, caulk gun, tape measure, hammer, and table saw.

For proper and accurate measuring, a pencil and a sheet of paper would be useful as well. This is the second thing you have to do before the proper building of the table. Make sure that every material you need to use to create a desk is correctly measured.


Step One: Make Cubicles

Build several cubicles of your desired size. These will serve as storage room for a paper pad, dictionary, stapler, and anything you need to place in each of them. Trust me, this is going to be very useful in organizing your things, especially if the table is for office use.

It is recommended that you make at least three to four cubicles. They are going to be used as feet of the desk as well. That also means you need to use wood materials that are as thick as possible. After all, the table you are going to make must be very sturdy.

Step Two: Form the Frame

Build the frame of the desk. This also requires a thorough process in making the sides of the table. You have to connect the cubicles with these to easily attach the top later, which is the next step. Again, the materials to use here should be thick and durable to ensure they hold the top.

Step Three: Add the Main Top

After you build a set of cubicles and complete the frame, start making the top of the table. You nail and glue the MDF sheet on the cubicles and frame. Double check to secure all materials are in place, and to avoid sagging or loose hanging.

If your table is an L-shaped, you need to make the other top. To do this, just refer to the same procedure of how to build the main top of the desk.

Step Four: Place a Trim

When the tabletop is properly placed, mount an inch trim of each corner of the table. You may need to finish it with a piece of sand paper for smoother and better looking result. This helps reduce splinters, too.

Step Five: Fill in the Holes

From the first step to the fourth, a lot of holes have made for sure. You have to fill in those holes with a reliable hole driller or seal caulk. This is done to make the table look flawless after the painting procedure.

Step Six: Paint

The last thing you have to do is to apply paint of any color of your choice. This is the step in which the desk would look beautiful. Just don’t miss any a space, not even an inch, when painting, unless the wood material has unique pattern that you want to just leave it as is.

Do you now believe that you can make a desk without hiring a professional contractor? This project is inexpensive and time saving, too. It should motivate you to start building your own table.