How to Make a Cheap Canopy Bed

Do you remember when you were younger you would imagine having a bed of a prince or a princess? This refers to a canopy bed, with all the four stands and a very thin fabric above. You know what, that dream of a little child can come true. Here is how you can make a canopy bed that does not have to be so expensive.


Step One

In making a cheap canopy bed, it is important to, first, measure the space where to put your bed. You have to check the flooring, the ceiling, the corners of the place, etc. Putting a mark and measuring your room will help and guide you in placing bed. This is very much recommended, unless you are good at approximating sizes from lengths to widths and heights.

Step Two

The bed must have four stand posts on its corners. Each must be connected with one another. So the upper part must have a square stand, or more commonly known as bed frame. This is how you are able to hang the canopy. The bed frame must be as high as possible.

Step Three

The bed won’t be completed without the mattress. It is suggested to use two thick mattresses to make a high bed surface. This provides you a much better, comfortable feel when laying in bed, and then you get to enjoy the canopy that surrounds you.

Step Four

The only missing piece to complete the canopy bed is the fabric. Choose a transparent or see-through fabric for the canopy, although there are colorful translucent materials you can select from.

There is also an option to add some accents of the edges of the fabric, such as lace. A ribbon for tying is also a beautiful addition you may consider.

Since a canopy bed has hanging fabric, which will make your room looks like a place of a king or a queen, this material should be loose. It is not proper to place hooks of the fabric of the same or exact measurement of your bed. You have to have a much larger size of the fabric to easily mount it and so that it covers the entire bed furniture.

Step Five

Enjoy laying in bed like a prince or a princess, or perhaps, a king or a queen. With a beautiful bed in your room, there is the feeling of excitement everytime you sleep or take a nap. This gives you more comfortable and at the end of the night, you are able to sleep well.

In making a canopy bed, always remember to choose durable and high quality materials but in a way that it gives a beautiful result. For a DIY bed canopy, have all the complete materials including safety gears to avoid making injury and mistake. With this list of steps, you do not have to get an expensive ready-made canopy bed. Just have the right tools and enough time to work this little personal project of yours.