How to Make Wooden Tables

A wooden table is one of the easiest furniture types that one can build at home. For effective construction, it requires a lot of instructions to make a single kind of wooden table. You do not need to be professional or have long experiences before you can make one. Just have the right tips or steps and advanced planning to create a stunning wooden table. If you have the interest to make one, you are the on the right page. Here are helpful tips on how to make a wooden table for home or even office use.


Step 1: Get Materials

It is important to have the right kinds of materials in making a table made of wood. First off, wood is the major material needed. It must be durable to ensure its longevity. Others are a saw, tape measure and a pencil with paper, sander and sandpapers, a large selection of clamps, power screwdriver, drill, two bar clamps, nail and glue (either white or yellow glue) for sticking wood.

In purchasing wood materials, choose a shape for the top, such as square, rectangular, or round. Each wood tablet must be made from a durable type, and should be in proper length. Also, the pattern design needs to be good. Remember, the prices of wood materials vary, too, and this is another thing to consider.

Step 2: Measure Up

Your desired wooden table has to be accurately measured. You need to list down the preferred length, width and height of the table. You may also have to consider the shape when measuring each and every angle of the wood materials.

Step 3: Cut and Glue

After you have measured everything, it is time to start cutting wood into pieces and assemble them altogether. Make sure that all of the corners are glued, then nailed. This is to insure that the table will not wiggle or the parts are not easily removed, most especially the legs.

Step 4: Paint and Polish

To make your wooden table a very pleasant to look at, paint it with color that matches the interior design of the room where you put it. Dry the paint before using the table so not a single amount of paint is damaged. If you want its natural look as it is, then there is no need to paint it. Either way, to prolong the durability of the wood, apply the right solution.

These are only simple steps in making a wooden table for home and office use. It is a do-it-yourself project for beginners. You can make as many as you can, as long as you are able to follow the suggested ways on how to build a table that is made of wood material. That is the guideline you need to keep in mind, which basically help you learn and improve the right way to create a beautiful piece of furniture. Now, that is a good motivation that makes you feel excited to start building one.