6 Ways to Have a Neat Bedroom Shelf

A bedroom is a place that is supposed to be the most comfortable room in a house. It should be an area where you can just see neatness and feel convenience. If there is too any clutters and mess, it can affect the mood. That is why a shelf or an open closet is a must. This is where you put most of your personal things. The question now that we will answer is how to keep this type of furniture tidy and neat?


1. Declutter

Remove all unnecessary items in the bedroom. If you want a neat place, always de-clutter, especially things that are not important or not useful anymore. So, before starting to arrange things, ensure you get rid of what you won’t be using.

2. Sort Things

The bedroom is usually with personal stuffs. These include clothes, shoes, bed sheets, blankets, pillows, towels, accessories, bags and jewelry. Other things that are also found in this part of the room are computers, game consoles, music and video players, DVDs, CDs, books, as well as school and office supplies. Each and every item, according to classes, should be arranged and put together in one place. Since we are concentrating about shelves, the towels and other hygiene products must be put in one corner of the cabinet, and the extra blankets or bed sheets on another. The general rule of having a neat room is to put all together in one place based on their types or uses.

3. Avoid Over Stuffing

Whether the bedroom closet is large or small in size, always remember to balance the items you put there. You must not keep stuffing one shelf to another. This does not only make the material prone to become less durable or easily breakable, but also make the appearance messy. The fewer items are in the shelf, the tidier it is.

4. Place Some Items in a Reachable Place

Items displayed on shelves and cabinets are mostly or seldom used. Those you frequently need have to be placed in an area of the furniture that is easy to reach. That means it has to be in a lower part of the shelf, and put the “not-so used” things on high ones.

5. Arrange Items

Do not just classify things and put them altogether. You also have to learn that neatness is seen on how items are arranged. The books should be standing, the clothes and towels are folded, and pens are in a holder, etc.

6. Keep Small Items in a Container

Not all items displayed or stuck in a shelf are huge pieces. There are also jewelry items, hair pins, candies and other stuff in tiny or small sizes. Those should be stored in a container or box that is sealed properly for security, and then just place them on top of the furniture.

Shelves and open closets are certainly very useful furniture to have in a bedroom. They hold and accommodate at lot of personal belongings from small to large sizes of any kind. As an owner, it is your responsibility to keep those things safe, but at the same time kept neat in your room. So, have these six tips in mind whenever you have to place new items in your furniture.