How to Organize Utensils in a Kitchen Cabinet

Kitchen cabinets are essential because that is the type of furniture where you put most of cooking utensils, food ingredients and other items used for dining. Since items to store vary in different ways, it is vital to keep them organized. Here are simple and easy ways on how to make sure everything is placed properly and accordingly.


1. Clean Cabinets

Remove everything stored in each cabinet and set items on the countertop or table. After setting all items aside, the next thing to do is to clean each and every cabinet. You may need some remodeling and repainting just to make sure they look good before you put anything in there. It is also possible that you have to mount a new set or pair of cabinets.

2. Sort Items Accordingly or Similarly

You need to sort out all of the items. Both old and new stuff must be properly arranged. Each and every kind has to be organized in the same cabinet or shelf. For instance, all the baking kits should be in one cabinet, and all the plastic plates and cups in another. The most frequently used items must be stored in a more reachable and lower place. This makes it easier for you to grab them whenever needed.

As you do that, all the unnecessary items are also picked out and separated. Think of what you must do with all those things – dump them or donate them to whoever has needs. Remember some kitchen utensils, especially plastic ware, are reusable or recyclable. Foods that are expired must be also thrown in the garbage bin. You just have to put foods and ingredients that you need for the next days or weeks, and utensils or dishware item that are still usable.

3. Assign Where Cabinet to Put Which

Once you have separated unwanted items and sort out the needy ones, label the cabinets. This makes it faster for you to finish the job. It is easier if you put a sticky note on each cabinet door, and that’s how you start to arrange everything. All the utensils for cooking have to be stored in a cabinet that is close enough to the stove, and food ingredients near the chopping table or maybe refrigerator, too. Remove the sticky notes afterwards, because you do not have to put marks on every cabinet, but try to remember where kitchenware items are.

4. Put Condiments and other Ingredients in Containers

All cooking ingredients, condiments and other food stuff must be stored in containers with lids. The cooking oil should be in a plastic or glass bottle, the flour in a large bowl with cover, the sugar in another container, etc. You can then put all the containers in one cabinet.

5. Display China Ware

Most cabinets mounted on the wall of a kitchen are made of fully covered wood. You do not see the items from the outside while they are stored in cabinets. But the expensive and most luxurious dishware you have must be displayed in a way they are easily seen. So, put all your China ware and utensils in a transparent cabinet for that matter.

6. Have a Space for Cookbooks and Recipes

The kitchen is not only filled with foods, kitchen utensils and dishware. It is also a room where you have to put any cooking recipes and books you have. You are probably learning new French cuisine. To avoid a little hassle, just store those filed pages in another cabinet.

7. Keep Things Organized

Arranging all kitchen items must not be only a general cleaning job. Once you see one container, like the sugar or coffee, is empty, you have to remove it out of the cabinet, clean the container and put in a new batch before storing back in. If you have to put back all the glass plates after a formal dinner with family and friends, they have to remain properly arranged.

Organizing food items and cooking utensils in the kitchen room requires consistency. As a result, getting and using everything you need is much easier. This can just help you save some time of looking this and that, which may also give you frustration. So, ensure that all of your cabinets are filled with properly and accordingly arranged stuff.