Round or Rectangular Table for Dining

For dining tables, there are two general choices – the round table and the rectangular table. These are the common shapes of table furniture that you can see and use nowadays. If you not yet fully decisive on what to buy for dining table, knowing the difference between round and rectangular shapes can just help you make the right choice.


Here are some facts about round table and rectangular table for dining room that can help you identify what kind of table you need, and which one suits your dining area the most.

Rectangular Tables

If you have a large dining room, the rectangular one is the most ideal to use. Not only that rectangular dining table can accommodate a large number of people, for all family members, but also provides enough space for laying down plenty of foods. With two extra chairs on both side of the table, everyone has a room for dining.

A rectangular dining table is also good for special occasions, wherein you invite a few visitors, or a large number of guests. It will allow your guests to sit comfortably during dinner. Just a quick tip for this instance, make sure to leave at least 35 to 40 inches of space between the chairs and the wall or an empty area within your dining room. This is to easily carry or move chair away from the table when people need to stand, or even to accommodate themselves to sit.

Another advantage about rectangular dining tables is that the soft rounded edges of it are helpful for some special members in the family. The little children may have walkers, and seniors with wheelchairs. It is definitely suitable for all parents with small kids and family with old or physically ill members. They won’t have hard time sitting and reaching for foods. This provides comfort for just anyone, regardless of the condition.

Round Tables

If you have a small room, or a dining are that is shaped as a bay, or with bow window walls, a round dining table is an excellent choice. The number of people to sit and use a standard round table is only four, but it provides an equal position, making them really close to each other. This is perfect for a small family of four or less, or a couple with no kids around. This kind of table furniture may not be as advantageous as the rectangular one, but still a great option for casual or informal dinner setup.

With these differences, you can now decide on which kind of table to use for your dining area. It is up to you whether you go for the round table or the rectangular table. Just remember to consider important things in buying furniture, such as the size, material, etc. Also, you have to get a dining table with matching chairs included. The most important of all is to always make a choice within your budget. Knowing what your budget is in buying a dining table along with the space of the area can help you exactly on what to purchase.

The dining area is one of the most important rooms in a house. This is where people prepare foods and eat. Somehow, you must not forget the essence and vital use of a complete set of dining furniture, as it assists you to make cooking and dining more comfortable. In addition, to have a longer use of a dining table, see to it that it is clean and neat every single day. It is a must to clean it regularly, so you can always rely on using it without any worries regarding messiness.