The Convenient Times to Clean the Kitchen Pantry

When you think about cleaning the different furniture of your house, it has to be scheduled regularly. Among the parts of the home where regular cleaning is a must is the kitchen. Here is where you can see the pantry and cabinets that need to be checked up from time to time.


You must make a date to clean the pantry in your kitchen area. This is to make the process of cleaning much easier. The fact that you cannot clean everything in just a single day, once a week or two to three times in a day is not a bad idea to schedule. So, start by making a schedule regarding cleaning your kitchen pantry and cabinets.

One of the furniture items that are most prone to dust, germs and pest is the kitchen cabinets. Obviously, germs and pests, which are usually insects and rodents, are not good to roam in and around the cabinets in the kitchen. Remember this is the place of storing foods and utensils for cooking and eating. That is why cleaning your kitchen pantry and cabinets on a regular basis is very essential. You need to make sure that there are no bacteria or germs that affect your foods.

1. Before Putting New Food

Obviously, when cleaning your kitchen cabinets, it is important to remove all foods that are in stored. This decreases the difficulty of cleaning every inch of the cabinet. However, it is actually not about that time that you have to keep in mind. Cleaning the kitchen pantry must always begin before you store any new food in it. It is how you can assure your foods, whether they are sealed in a Ziploc or plastic ware, are clean. This also makes it easy for you to prepare foods whenever you need to, as you can just grab them and rinse with water once.

2. When Grime Occurs

It is an obvious call for you to clean up your kitchen furniture when you see dust and grime. The simplest way to remove dust and dirt is to use a vacuum cleaner. Be sure to thoroughly vacuum all corners and edges of the cabinets. You may need to use a handheld vacuum device to make sure you do not miss each and every inch of the pantry or cabinet. You do not want to leave any germs behind.

After you vacuum your pantry cabinets, prepare some water with soap, or any appropriate cleaning product, then wash the walls from inside and out, as well as the shelves, whether they are removable or not. Once you rinse them, ensure to dry them with a clean cloth, and wait for 10 to 15 minutes, or until it is fully dry, before you put any dishware or foods in the pantry.

3. If Stain is Spotted

Aside from dirt and dust, stain is also a source of germs and bacteria that must be wiped out immediately. Once you spot stain anywhere in the cabinet, do not wait for another day of some minutes before you clean it. You have to take a cleaning action right away when you see stain, regardless of the size, otherwise, it may be difficult to wash it later.

Additional Cleaning Tips

Prevention is a word that can be applied in terms of maintaining the cleanliness of the kitchen pantry. To prevent any spilled foods, liquid or leftovers in your cabinets, examine the packaging of every food and drink if they are sealed carefully, before placing them in your cabinets.

You also check some leaks, holes and other damages even for just once in a month. This is to prevent any trigger that can invite pests or germs in the area. It is one way to reduce the amount of dust or pollutants to clean.

After cleaning the cabinets, you can now place all foods or dishware inside them. Just be sure to arrange all things that you normally use in cooking, baking and preparing foods. Speaking of arrangement, it is also a good idea to organize everything. This means you put every kind of food and ware according to their sizes, uses and types.

The bottom line here is that cleaning your pantry or cabinets regularly is not as difficult as you think it is. It is better that you reassure your safety against germs and bacteria that may cause illnesses, than spending some money for buying medications or paying hospital bills. That would be more difficult to deal with than having some regular kitchen furniture cleaning. Therefore, you follow the given suggestions as provided above, so you can keep your food and dishes storage clean at all times. Also, this can help you free from possible diseases and infections, or in other words, protect your health.