Organize Clothes and Shoes in a Closet Pantry

Clothes, shoes and other accessories to wear are essentially important in a person’s everyday life. You go to work with the right suit, hang out with friends with the appropriate attire, and stay home with your casual dresses. Wherever you go, there is a need to wear clothes, as well as shoes, hats, glasses, jewelry, and other types of accessories. Because there will be tons of them, each requires to be well organized. Therefore, you need to have a closet where you can keep all these personal items.


Why do you need to organize your clothes and shoes? Is there any significance of keeping them clean and neat? What are the advantages of having these things organized accordingly? These are questions that must convict you to start taking care of your personal things. This means you do not just throw them in your bed after laundry and grab them to fill in your drawer, closet or shelf. Keeping them organized also means a process that has to be naturally followed.

Walk In or Door Closet

Nowadays, there are plenty of closets to select from. Although, we can narrow them down in two general types: door closet or walk-in closet. A door closet is the traditional furniture for clothes and shoes. It can be permanently mounted on the wall of a room, or placed in a corner, if it is a removal type. With these options, you have to select the kind of closet you want for your room if you prefer a door closet.

The other kind of closet is the walk-in closet. This is basically a dressing room, wherein it is a bit spacious than a normal cabinet for clothes. In fact, you can even put a life-size mirror and a seat for a more convenience way of dressing yourself up.

These two choices of furniture for storing clothes and shoes are the first thing to consider. The easiest way to select is the volume of clothes you have. The more clothes you own, the larger space of closet to use. If that is the case, you must opt for a walk-in closet. If you only have several clothes and a few pair of shoes, with not-so-many accessories, a door closet will do.

Drawers and Shelves

Cabinets or closets for clothes are not just basically huge empty boxes and just fill them with the different shirts, jeans, shorts, etc. They are furniture types with variants. This means they are made with shelves and drawers, in which you have more reason to organize your clothes.

Drawers are usually made for pulling in and out. They have knobs and sometimes with the option to lock them for security. On the other hand, shelves are open storage that requires no locks or security at all.

Basic Ways to Organize Clothes

Now, let’s learn the proper ways to organize your personal items in the bedroom. These are important tips you must follow if you like to keep all your clothes neat all the time. If you do these, it is also easier for you to know where to put your clothes accordingly and which ones to get, without confusing yourself or spending a lot of time finding the right ones to wear.

1. Separate Clothes based on Kinds and Colors

Before you put everything in the closet, arrange all your clothes, shoes, as well as other accessories. To do this, just identify the casual and formal attire, and then separate them. It is important not to mismatch or randomly combine your dresses.

2. Hang and Fold the Clothes

After separating the clothes, you can start hanging and folding them one by one. Most of the formal dresses are hanged, so start with that. Secondly, you fold the casual ones or clothes that you normally wear at home, or those that do not need to be folded.

3. Place Clothes Properly

Whether you fold or hang the clothes, each and every piece needs to be properly arranged. You first place clothes from one color to another. Of course, you also have to hang or fold them in according to their kinds. The shirts must be in one place, while jeans are in another corner, and the rest you do the same. This also applies with the shoes, hats, handkerchiefs, ties, socks, and other accessories. All these easily help you grab what you need, especially when you are in a hurry or simply trying to get a specific dress code.

4. Have all Necessary Tools for Clothes

Do not forget to have enough hangers, some baskets, iron, and iron board, too. They are extra things that can help you make your clothes clean and neat. You also have to get repellants to prevent inviting insects and rodents, as well as air freshener you can hang to keep your clothes smell good. Most importantly, have a mirror, or two, so you check yourself out before you get out of the room or house to attend something.

Organizing clothes and personal accessories is not a job but an important task you must always do. This can reflect on how you take care of your things. At the end of the day, it will just make your living much better, because there is no confusion to deal with, and to avoid getting untidy. So, start arranging your stuff with the help of closet or pantry for clothes.