When to Replace Kitchen Cabinets?

Kitchen cabinets are the storage of plates, glasses, bowls, and other kinds of cooking and dining utensils. This is one of the furniture items that you can see in many homes. Therefore, it is a must to have some cabinets around as they are the right places where you can organize and keep all of your dining tools.


Like other sets of furniture, cabinets in the kitchen can wear out, become dull in color, or worse, get damaged, as time flies by. Since they are not as cheap as your grocery, buying a new set is not an easy decision. You have to make sure that there is enough valid reason to replace them. Who knows, you may just need to reface or refurbish them, in a case of little damage that just require quick repair. That being said, it is essential to know the signs that indicate kitchen cabinets must be replaced, or else you end up just fixing them. If you are aware of that, it helps you avoid wasting your money, as well as time and effort.

When do you need to replace your kitchen cabinets? There are only two reasons why you have to get a new set of cabinets for the dining or kitchen room. Once you know them, it is easier to decide whether you really need to replace your furniture or not.

First, brand new cabinets must be bought and installed in the kitchen if the old ones are already damaged. You cannot just use broken cabinets at all, unless you do not have a single dime for replacement. If there is a huge hole, a tear and wear on the wood’s structure, or decay, it unquestionably needs to be replaced.

The other reason to change old cabinets is when you have to fully remodel your kitchen. Re-constructing the entire space of the kitchen means removing and replacing everything, well not all, but most of the big things you see there. So, the cabinetry in the kitchen has to be removed and replaced with a brand new one.

Other reasons are not basically as essential as the two mentioned above in regards to replacing kitchen cabinets. Little damage must be only a call for re-polishing or renewing. it may be only caused by water damage or simple wear and tear. So if that is the case, you just have to get some new cans of paint to recolor every inch of the cabinet, put patches on the hole, or maybe replace the door with a new one, and not the entire furniture.

Before you buy new cabinets, it is also vital to know the basics of choosing and buying. These include the measuring of the size and comparing the total dimension to the space where you will mount them. The next thing to consider is the style, which refers to the color and material. The overall design must match the interiors of your kitchen and provide a more beautiful look.

Why is it important to check on the kitchen cabinet before deciding to replace it? This is a good question, in which the answer is essential for you to know.

Like what is mentioned earlier, if you are able to carefully see the cause of damage or reason if you need to replace your old kitchen cabinets, there is a chance that it may just save you some money. You get to avoid spending a large amount of pennies if you only have to refurnish them. This is one major reason why you have to properly check or figure out a reason to replace or just fix your cabinet.

When you reface your kitchen cabinet, you essentially contribute in saving the environment, too. Replacing a specific part of the furniture literally means reusing or recycling. That also implies that you save materials from using, because you can just get scrap ones for its replacement or repair. This is surely an eco-friendly solution, which is not a bad thing at all.

If you refurnish the kitchen cabinets, you also make them a bit sturdier. This usually happens if you use a natural or organic product in polishing the furniture. For repainting, you can use a non-toxic or eco-friendly paint that can also help strengthen the texture of the cabinet. Consequently, you are able to invest if you can use your kitchen cabinetry for a much longer time.

Replacing or fixing cabinets in your kitchen must be given a serious consideration. You do not just decide easily without checking up on the details first. All the things and tips discussed on this page must be kept in mind. In the end, you get to have the advantages, including the fact of saving money and staying green in your own house.