Furniture Cleaning 101 – Vacuuming

Couches, beds, and any furniture that is made or with fabric are quite not easy to clean and maintain. Good thing there is one method of cleaning them – it comes in the form of vacuuming.


Vacuum cleaners are necessary in every home, especially those family or resident owners with many furniture items. This is the type of cleaning tool that is made exclusively for fabric household items, which include furniture, such as the couch or sofa, chairs and bed. If you have these kinds of furniture, make sure you also have a vacuum to use for cleaning and maintenance.

Canister Vacuum

There are several types of vacuum cleaners, and one of them is the canister vacuum. This cleaner is lightweight, and its hose is longer and stretchable, while the canister is much thinner, which makes it convenient to use on couches. Some areas of furniture are difficult to clean, but this vacuum is the best solution for that.

Handheld Vacuum

The most ideal to use for furniture cleaning is a handheld vacuum. This type is much lighter, smaller and generally more convenient to use. It is usually cordless, so you can just clean up any area of the furniture with ease. You can easily clean every inch of your sofa and bed with this cleaner.

Backup Vacuum

Another kind of vacuum cleaner that can be useful to get rid of dust and other debris on furniture is the backup vacuum. It is a cleaning tool that is very easy to use, as it can reach deeper and higher areas in furniture. However, this is only very ideal to clean up unreachable areas. If you use this for the rest of the furniture, it may take you some time to finish your job.

Stick Vacuum

This next type of vacuum cleaner is also ideal for furniture cleaning. This comes with cord or without cord, but usually lightweight, so it is also convenient or easy to use. It is a good choice for getting rid of debris stuck in your sofa and bed.

Steam Vacuum

The steam vacuum cleaner is not only exclusive for carpet cleaning. This is also appropriate to clean and wash some furniture items. Mixed with warm water and detergent, this vacuum is able to remove dirt, dust and stain on your furniture. Its rotary brush can sweep off other debris, too. It is a total cleaner that removes all types of pollutants, including those that are not visible to the eyes like germs.

Whatever vacuum cleaner to use, when you need to clean up your furniture, this tool is the perfect solution against dust, debris and also stain. You must have a regular schedule to clean your furniture items, most especially the sofa, chair and bed. When you do, sitting or laying on these places is more comfortable, because they are fresh and clean. Make sure that every inch of the vacuum is also clean before you start removing debris off your furniture. Overall, if your furniture pieces need cleaning and maintenance, vacuuming is one means to do it.