Dining Table – Plain Wood or With Glass

If you are choosing between wooden and glass dining table for your dining area, there are lots of considerations that you need to keep in mind. Those considerations are your priority, which will help you make the final decision much easier.


One of the considerations that you need to take in priority is the benefits or advantages, as well as the disadvantages of options. To easily choose glass dining table or wooden dining table, weigh in their pros and cons. Speaking which, we will learn the different advantages of each choice, so you can easily decide on the best one for you and your family.

Wooden Dining Tables

Actually, the most well known advantage of plain wood dining table is that it is eco-friendly. Because it is crafted from wood, it is regarded as organic furniture. This is perfect for very family as it imposes safety and makes a home greener.

A wood dining table is also versatile, which means you can use it for any kinds of occasions. This is one advantage over other types of materials of dining tables. Even though softwood is generally easier to deal with, hardwoods are flexible, too.

Another reason why you must choose a table made out of wood is because it can match a lot of interior designs. From country to modern, this kind of table can fit in the dining room. Besides, you can just cover the table with cloth, in case your choice doesn’t make a match with the interior or your dining area. Oh, that’s also a plus of its flexibility.

Wooden dining tables are designed through hand craft. With that said, they come in different shapes, sizes and pattern, depending on the kind of wood used. Many tables are made of a wide range of wood types, including mahogany, redwood, white oak, red oak, cherry, maple, and walnut.

The most wonderful benefit that you can get in wooden dining tables is their durability. They surely stand for a long time. The material is sturdy, making it not easy to break. Plus, most wood tables are finished or polished with substance that get rid of pests that may destroy them, since the only problem of wood is that it is able to decay in time or due to insects.

Glass Dining Tables

Many homes around the world nowadays have glass tables in their dining area, even the living room. The most common reason is that this kind of table provides additional attraction to the home. That is actually an advantage of using a glass dining table.

Even though a glass dining table can give elegance to your dining room, you should match the look of the furniture with interior design of your room. Otherwise, the glass table furniture might be over highlighted and can result to disarray or mismatching.

One other benefit that you need to know about dining tables with glasses is their adaptability. They are suitable in both formal and informal dining.

If you choose a glass dining table, you need to find ideal accessories that can complement it. These only refer to floral vases, porcelain bowls and unscented candlestick holder with candles.

Every piece of furniture, whether wood or glass, has both advantages and disadvantages. So, once you buy either wooden or glass furniture for tour house, always identify the different benefits that you need to know. This is to avoid having regrets in buying products. Moreover, dining tables are among the expensive furniture that you have to invest in. You do not want to waste both of your time and money, anyway.