Easy Ways to Select Baby Crib

When choosing a baby crib for your little one, you need to think of a lot of specific things. These include the price, the material and the size. All in all, you must select your newborn baby’s bed that makes him or her safe or protected and comfortable. This is the number one issue that every parent needs to know about buying crib for their baby. Nonetheless, here are tips on how you can easily narrow down your choice of baby crib.


1. Evaluate the Durability and Appearance of the Crib

It is important to take in priority the safety of the baby crib when you buy a baby crib. A mother or a father must know if a particular bed for babies meets the needs of your baby’s safety as well as the comfort or convenience of your precious child.

Do not forget to first check the sturdiness of the baby crib. Be sure that it has no broken or missing parts and no cut-outs in the head or foot broads of the crib. As a matter of fact, the safety of cribs is based on the right or standard measurement, and that must be at least 35 inches high for 2 years old and below, which is highly recommended.

2. Get the Right Size

In an average, you can find three sizes of baby cribs on the market. These are the full size, the non-full size and the compact or portable size. There is only one size of baby crib that the US implements for baby crib, which is the full size. This type of size for baby cribs has interior dimension of 28 and 5/8 inches or 71 and 1.6 centimeters of width and 52 3/8 and 5/8 inches or 133 and 1.6 centimeters in length.

The non-full size crib can be larger or smaller for your baby. If you choose this size, make sure it perfectly fits your little boy or girl. He or she needs to move somehow.

The other size, which is portable or compact, is a good choice of baby crib. This lets you easily move it from one room to another. It is also easy to carry and store, so you can bring it anywhere. Furthermore, this type usually has a size of 26 and 1/4 inches high by 39 and 1/2 inches long.

3. Measure the Size of Your Baby’s Room

The size of the nursery room of your baby is also very important. You must consider this when selecting his or her crib. It can easily help you choose the right baby crib of your child according to its width, length and height.

4. Look Among the Top Brands and Popular Models

In terms of brand or model, you can assure of the safety and durability if the cribs are very popular to consumers. They may be more expensive than other labels, but when it comes to the quality, you won’t doubt it. Some of the best and amazing baby cribs that may meet your standard are the Sorelle Vicki cribs, Storkcraft Regan Traditional cribs, Slimpllicity Ellis cribs, Da Vinci Kalani cribs and the Da Vinci Jenny Lind Baby cribs. Each of the brand names has different models, designs and sizes.

5. Select the Economical Price

Many local stores offer different prices of baby cribs depending on some factors such as the size, model and brand. This factor is also essentially important to bear in mind when buying a new one. Do not choose a baby crib plainly because of its beautiful physical appearance. You also check if its price is higher than others when there is no difference at all. That is why you must be able to take time scouting for the costs, before you make a decision on what to buy.

All of these five ways are the keys to finding the right, comfortable and safe crib for your little baby. You have to get your baby a bed that makes him or her put to sleep with protection and comfort. That is the one of the many things a parent must do to his or her own child.