How to Move with Your Furniture

Moving is a daunting and challenging situation. It requires preparation and some time to organize everything. There are many personal belongings to pack and carry. These include heavy and bulky furniture, such as sofas, tables, cabinets and beds. In fact, they are the household things that demand effort because the weight and size are twice as other items. Yet, do not pout as there are easy ways on how you can move with your own pieces or sets of furniture.


Prepare Furniture Ahead of Time

You are scheduled and expected to move out on a particular day. Before that arrives, all of your furniture must be prepared. This means they should be set to move. You have to remove the items stored in the bookshelves, cabinets, drawers of tables, etc., and have them packed in boxes. Do not do that when the moving team and their truck, because you may pay them for assistance or for per hourly basis.

Wrap or Cover Every Piece of Furniture

Unless there are extra large sizes, you cannot just put any furniture piece in a box. Remember, they are basically huge, but some may fit in the box of a refrigerator. In all cases, furniture pieces are things that you can just wrap, so they are at low risk of scratches and damages.

You can get the necessary wrapping materials to cover each and every inch of your furniture. Have some bubble wraps, old newspapers, or even used boxes that you can fit with one piece of furniture by connecting them with tapes, in case one box is not enough.

Other materials for covering are non-quilted moving blankets, paper moving blankets, and plastic covers. These tools are extremely wide and long, which make them a perfect cover for any furniture from as small as chairs to as large as beds.

Hire a Moving Truck

All of the furniture sets have to be properly placed in the right automobile. Your personal automobile is not the right vehicle to use when you move your furniture. Even if you have a truck, say a pick-up truck, it may not be enough to accommodate all of your furniture. If you do not have your own truck, hiring one from a local business that offers moving services and assistance is the best solution.

There are benefits when you hire a moving truck. First, you get the assistance of the moving team in carrying your furniture, since some pieces are very heavy that need more than one person to move them. Another reason why you have to hire a moving service is there is insurance involved. In case of accident on the road or a scratch made by one of their staff, you have the right to get refund or replacement. Lastly, moving is just made easier and less hassle because you have assistants.

Inform Movers the Expensive Furniture

Some furniture you own may be very valuable. Those are the items that need extra care when they have to be transferred. You must inform the moving team to handle them more carefully. You may have wrapped the glass tables and cabinets with mirrors, but the team has no idea. It is your responsibility to let them know otherwise.

Lift or Carry Furniture Properly

Of course, you expect every member of the moving staff that they carry your furniture with care. This is your own task, too, when you need to transfer from one house or office to another. You must prepare yourself physically to have all the energy necessary in lifting those heavy items.

The way you hold your furniture must be firm, to avoid dropping them that may cause damage, breakage or scratches. Also, do not just drag them when trying to remove them out of the old house. You do not want to scratch the floor, too. Likewise, when you have to put them in the new home, they must be handled with care.

Moving with furniture, not matter how many you have, is made simpler and easier if you know exactly what you need to do. Based on what you learn from the tips on this page, advanced preparation and careful actions are the key secrets.