Different Types of Tables for the Living Room

It is very common to see a table in the living room. When you visit your family or friend’s house, one of the first things you see as soon as you step in is the table. Your own place also has a table in the living room. But what most people, including you, may not know is that there are different names of tables. This means tables to use in the living room may vary. If you are curious, here are the different types or names.


Coffee Tables

This table is what you usually see and use in the living room. It is the furniture piece that is placed to pair the couch (sofa) or chairs. Unlike what its name suggests, this table is definitely not just for lying down a cup of coffee. You can display a vase with flowers, a jar of candies, and other things, like books, especially if it has a storage space underneath it.

Coffee tables differ from styles to sizes, and colors to materials. Whichever you prefer, it is somewhat necessary to have a coffee table in the living room. It does not even matter if you have limited space in the area, because there are small sized tables that you can choose from.

End Tables

The living room does not only accommodate a single piece of table. There is also another table in the corner, and is known as end table. It is possible to have a pair of end tables. This type of table is useful, too, in a way that it lets you display other household or personal items, such as antique vases, the telephone and a phone directory, some family photo albums, and plastic fruits in a basket. This table may include an open cabinet or a series of shelves.

End tables are not only very useful, but also an additional décor in the living room. This is why your own place must have at least one end table. It also helps you avoid putting other things on the coffee table if you have extra table in the corner. Besides, this kind of table is long and not wide, which makes it a perfect table to set on the side. However, it is quite higher compared to a standard coffee table.

Console Tables

Like end tables, console tables are used as extra table in the living room. It is mainly the house of both wired and wireless telephone. The differences are that this table is usually square in style and smaller in size. Also, a console table has the same height as the coffee table. The location of this type of living room table is beside the large sofa. A home owner may have a single or a pair of console tables.

If you are in a situation wherein you need to get a new house, or probably remodel your own home, the living room must have these different types of tables. Unless you only have a few things to display in this area, more than one table can be really necessary.